Editorial – Have a happy Canada Day!

Richard Froese

Canada Day returns July 1!
Communities and Canadians are expected to be out in huge crowds to celebrate the mult-cultural nation.
It will be the first time since 2019 that major Canada Day festivities can be held after two long years of COVID-19 restrictions.
A few outdoor events were held last year. It was difficult to plan anything major after Premier Jason Kenney announced in mid-June that the province planned to drop restrictions July 1 when people could gather in large groups and not be required to wear face masks.
Canadians celebrated the Indigenous culture and heritage on June 21 during National Indigenous Peoples Day. Now it’s time to recognize all ethnic cultures in Canada.
Communities and organizations have had months to plan for Canada Day 2022 to celebrate 155 years as a nation.
After no major celebrations the past three years, Albertans and Canadians are eager and hungry to get out to a community event.
Canada Day is a day for Canadians to celebrate the freedoms, history and culture of the nation. People from around the world are attracted to Canada because of its freedoms.
Take the opportunity to celebrate Canada – Canada Day – with family, friends and community.
Join together to sing the national anthem.
“O Canada, our home and native land.
“The true north strong and free!
“God keep pour land glorious and free!”
Those are just a few lines in the anthem that remind Canadian of the freedoms that people in Canada enjoy.
Wave the Canadian flag!
Wear something with a Canadian flag or something that shows that it’s great to live in Canada.
Just think, millions of people in countless numbers of countries around the world don’t have the freedoms and opportunities to gather and celebrate like Canadians do and can.
For another option, get together with families of all generations and other ethnic cultures to talk about the great things about living in Canada. Do it as an extended family or gather with people in the neighbourhood.
Elders and seniors love to tell stories about life growing up. Younger generations are usually awed and enticed by the stories of life decades ago.
Hear and share stories about what attract people from other countries to Canada.
For those who have moved to Canada, people want to hear those stores about what life was like in their mother country.
Canada Day is also a great time to all generations and cultures to learn more about Canada and its rich history.
Play trivia games or make a collage of Canadian life.
It will be a great opportunity to learn more about Canada and other cultures.
Celebrate Canada.
Happy Canada Day!

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