Editorial – Hatred skews award

Jeff Burgar

American President Donald Trump isn’t Time Magazine’s choice for Person-of-the-Year for 2019.

Sixteen-year-old environment crusader Greta Thunberg now wears that crown. The Swedish youngster, sailing around the world with her father, is chastising adults everywhere for their lack of activity in changing the universe, or at least, the Western world. No word on China, India or Arabia trips.

Runners up for 2019 are, believed to be in order, Trump, Nancy Pelosi who is the American equal of Canada’s Leader of the Opposition, Hong Kong protesters, and the secret “whistleblower” in the Ukraine-Trump fiasco or whatever it is being called this week.

An excellent case can be made for Trump being awarded the choice. Trump dominates North American news, also a good part of the rest of the world. The planet probably knows more about Donald J. and the United States than ever before. Mention Trump’s name in Canada and many people gag and vomit. That’s a predictable response if they get your news from left-leaning CBC and CTV and Global, which in turn pull their feeds from Trump hating left-leaning media in the States.

Yet we have the strongest American stock markets and economy in history. Low unemployment rates, including the lowest in history for blacks and Hispanics. Seven million jobs are unfilled. The destruction of the ISIS caliphate, which all liberal ‘experts’ said would take 10-20 years or more, if even possible.

Trump has massive turnouts at his rallies. He approved Keystone XL after Barack Obama blocked it. So much more.

The list of positive accomplishments makes Obama look like a minor-league Monopoly player, who only got to “Go” twice, leaving a non-memorable legacy.

Time magazine says its own selection criteria are “a person, a group, an idea, or an object that “for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year”.

Keep that in mind – “for better or for worse.” You can hate Trump, and probably do if your news sources have anything to do with CNN, these days a parody of a news channel and far down the ratings. Or watch American morning and afternoon talk shows filled with media airheads.

The fact is, Trump could be the worst person in the world, and still take this award. Just as Adolf Hitler did in 1939. Some American presidents, including Richard Nixon, are multiple awardees.

The award is not a Nobel Prize or a “you did real good prize”. It is recognition of influence, headlines and doing things that attract the attention of the most people. It is impossible to argue against selecting a fellow who is on every TV station day and night, on the front page of every news website and newspaper, who is often on the tongues of people at every dinner, party, conference or anyplace thinking people gather.

Unless of course, you are part of a media so twisted in their hate, they see only naming Trump as a prize or an honour, not as recognition of an obvious simple truth – the real Person-of-the-Year.

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