Editorial – Get a shot for freedom

Richard Froese

When will the restrictions end for the COVID-19 pandemic?

That’s a big question everyone asks and waits for an answer.

Many feel like prisoners who have lost our freedoms since the pandemic started in Canada in March 2020.

When will it be safe to have a social-friendly lifestyle and not be so distant? How long will we need to wear facemasks to help prevent the spread and risk of COVID-19?

When you make choices about COVID and vaccine, think not only about yourself, but about others. Ask yourself, “What will I do to help reduce the risk and restrictions in the community and Alberta?”

Then make the right decision.

Two key steps will help us return to freedom and a sense of “normal” that we took for granted before the pandemic.

Get the vaccine and continue to follow COVID restrictions.

I talked to a High Prairie pharmacist about COVID-19 before I got my first vaccine shot April 18. I asked how long people would need to wear masks when they get a vaccine.

He says it will be another year.

That’s if a high number of people get vaccinated, he says.

It will be longer if more people disobey the rules and bare their faces.

A recent story in the Edmonton Sun reports that a survey shows that 80 per cent of Canadians are willing to get vaccinated. Their reasons may vary.

I got my vaccine because it protects my health and the health of other people I am close to. I want to do my part to shorten the restrictions for myself and others.

It’s just the right thing to do as a responsible person in my family, workplace, community and country.

For those who have underlying health issues, some are apprehensive at this point about getting vaccines.

Some vaccines have caused some ill or unhealthy affects.

Still, medical experts state the risks of getting ill or dying from a vaccine are lower than if a person doesn’t get the shot in the arm.

Higher rates of people are killed in motor vehicle collision than from a vaccine but nobody stops driving in a vehicle or governments don’t close roads or highways.

Many people want to find out more about the vaccines and the effects before deciding.

Masks have been mandatory in Alberta since Dec. 6. It seems most people are willing to wear them until fall 2022.

A news story in the Edmonton Sun on April 12 reports results of a survey in Canada and the United States in the middle of March by Maru Public Opinion. Results show 75 per cent of Canadians stated they would feel comfortable wearing masks until October 2022.

Meanwhile, Americas say September 2022.

Make the right choice so we can all get back closer together sooner than later in a healthy way.

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