Editorial – Farewell to 2019

Justin Trudeau, at a NATO summit, giggles like an 11-year-old school boy as he shares a story how “jaws dropped.” Why do so many feel that is the world today?

Leaders tell us solemnly how things are. Then they loosen their ties, or kick off their high heels behind doors. And laugh at it all! And at us!

2019 was a wonderful year for big media. So much on display. So much to talk about. And so much that revolved around a president, Donald Trump. He is so unconventional, traditional gatekeepers in media know not what to do. Except of course, constantly deplore him.

Which has thus led to the ridiculous spectacle of the Democrat stampede to impeach Trump. All intended to overturn results of a legitimate election Democrats lost in 2016. As written in the Washington Post newspaper 19 minutes after Trump was sworn in, “the move to impeach is on”.

Such news from America, and even from Ottawa, holds little appeal for Albertans. So many of us worry about food on the table and bank payments. Our new provincial government [remember them?] must balance between citizens barely treading water, and salvaging our entire province. This present boom-bust cycle happened before. It will happen again.

Jobs and homes lost. Businesses failing or closing. Hopes and dreams fading. All in a slow-motion unfolding that provincial governments, over many years, have demonstrated complete inability to moderate or change. In 2019, from politics to weather to international trade, even with record setting stock markets, Alberta hardly changed from 2018. Today, forecasts are for Canadian economic progress. We hope Alberta will share.

Each year, we say there is so much to life. Babies are born. Familes are created. We mourn loved ones we have lost. Our children grow astonishingly fast. Life’s rewards are earned, as are life’s penalties. For better or worse, our lives go on.

We hope no matter your fortunes, no matter your walk of life, you live life to the fullest. Learn something every day. Tell someone you love them every day. Hug someone. Smile at someone. Enjoy being alive and help others around you do the same. In such, you can do no wrong.

– Jeff Burgar

Thank you, all

At South Peace News and now, together with the Smoky River Express, we thank our old readers and advertisers, and our new ones in Peace River and area, for letting us into your home each week.

These are difficult times for so many of us, no matter what our industry. We hope, by supporting each other as best we can, we will all come through this. Hopefully, better and stronger.

We want to be your community newspaper. Through the good news, bad news and indeed, our mistakes, we will strive to earn and keep your respect in this, one of the best regions in the best province in the best country in the world.

From staff and management, a very sincere thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! We will next see you in 2020.

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