Editorial – Farewell, 2020!

Jeff Burgar

Many news reports say all Canadians should have their COVID-19 vaccines, if they want, by September of 2021.

That may seem an infinity of time to some!

In perspective, it is about the same amount of time, nine months, since Canadians began to realize how infectious the COVID virus is. How fast it could spread. And the possibility that hospitals around the world could be overwhelmed by people sick with the virus!

Thus arrived the “flatten the curve” theory. Can’t stop the virus, but let’s keep infections down to a dull roar.

The idea here is basically, almost all of us are going to catch the virus. Many talking heads on opinion shows, and many experts they rolled out, said it might be four to five years before we would have a vaccine against COVID, so curve flattening was the best strategy.

American President Donald Trump, at the same time as following recommendations from his scientists and doctors, began his Operation Warp Speed. Whether directly or indirectly, the world now has several vaccines. More are in the pipeline.

The planet now has hope!

A few things. First, Warp Speed did not pick winners and losers. Almost always, politicians and their advisers end up doing exactly that. Almost always, with very bad results. Many new vaccines have nothing to do with Warp Speed.

Second, there is a spirit of can-do and entrepreneurship in so many countries that seems, too often, lacking in Canada. It’s often said, Canadians are so afraid of failure, real success rarely happens. It has to be a “sure thing” before bankers, politicians, and regulators – and sometimes even the public – will get on board with a project. Canadian successes, and there are many, are often astounding they actually do happen!

With that in mind, as we come to Christmas, Alberta still has problems. If you are curious what a four- or five-year wait for a COVID vaccine would be like, see what five years of low oil prices have done to our province. Debts today are not a matter of borrowing our way out of disaster. It is borrowing just to survive. Eventually, bills must be paid. Borrowing must repaid.

Each year, we say there is so much to life. Babies are born. Families are created. We mourn loved ones we have lost. Our children grow astonishingly fast. Life’s rewards are earned, as are life’s penalties. For better or worse, our lives go on.

We hope no matter your fortunes, no matter your walk of life, you live life to the fullest. Learn something every day. Tell someone you love them every day. Hug someone. Smile at someone. Enjoy being alive and help others around you do the same.

In such, you can do no wrong. We are proud to be your community, and now, regional newspaper. Through the good news, bad news and indeed, our mistakes, we will strive to earn and keep your respect in this, one of the best regions in the best province in the best country in the world.

From staff and management, a very sincere “Thank You”. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

We will next see you in 2021, the week of Jan. 6.

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