Editorial – ‘Every moment matters’

Richard Froese

Volunteers are valuable in any and every community.

Those people with deep and caring hearts and helpful hands will again be honoured during National Volunteer Week from April 14-20.

Citizens and organizations in the High Prairie, Falher-McLennan and Peace River regions will gather to celebrate volunteers during the special week. They will be thanked, honoured and recognized for their efforts to serve the community in various ways and make life better for countless people.

Every Moment Matters is the theme of this year’s campaign, Volunteer Canada promotes on its website. The theme highlights the importance of every volunteer and each contribution made at a moment when Canadians and communities need support more than ever.

The sharing of time, skills and creativity is vital to the inclusivity, strength and well-being of a community. Volunteers are fundamental to meeting this challenging moment. By coming together, committing support and increasing our collective efforts and impact, volunteers contribute to the quality of life people strive for.

Some people say volunteers are the backbone of communities.

Without volunteers, organizations and communities can’t survive.

In fact, volunteers can help communities thrive. From young children to seniors, volunteers show their heart, care and love to all they reach in so many ways.

By definition, a volunteer is a person who freely offers to undertake a task. It comes from the heart to serve and help others.

After all, it’s better to volunteer than to be voluntold by someone else.

Volunteers can serve on their own or for a group such as community organizations, schools, sports and recreation, churches, health services, youth and seniors’ programs and more.

Community events also rely on volunteers to function effectively.

Organizers are working hard to recruit volunteers to make sure the events can function without people having to work extended hours and add stress.

Remember, many hands make light work!

Volunteers also help raise funds for special projects to enhance their community. Otherwise, if communities want those projects, municipalities will have to come up with the money and likely raise taxes.

Being a volunteer has so many benefits to life as found on Internet:

Make a difference.

Meet new friends.

Volunteers learn a lot.

Volunteering strengthens communities.

It promotes personal growth and self-esteem.

It brings people together.

Volunteers gain professional experience.

It saves money and resources.

Serving is good for volunteers.

Be a volunteer – thank a volunteer!

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