Editorial – Celebrate life and freedom

Richard Froese

“Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. . .”
Well, maybe not quite!
The first day of spring is March 20. It’s been a long and crazy winter – and dangerous at times!
Now that COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta are finished after two years, most people are eager and ready to get out as weather warms up. People look forward to spring each year when the days are longer with daylight and they can do more outside.
Students especially welcome spring break for an extended recess from studies and homework.
Spring has often been considered a season of new life, a new beginning, the start of something fresh. It is what people have looked for since the pandemic and restrictions started March 17, 2020. Since the provincial government announced a state of emergency on that date, people have longed to return to a normal way of life that people valued before it started.
Now, here it is!
Major events and activities cancelled in the past two years are planned to return in the coming months. Many high schools are scheduling dates for full-scale in-person graduation ceremonies in May and June.
Anyone who graduates from high school, college and university deserves to be honoured with major celebrations that were taken away from them the last two years. Students, schools and families are very excited to return to community graduation ceremonies that graduates deserve.
People in Alberta and across Canada can be very thankful for the freedoms they have in their home land. All they have to do is simply read or watch the news to find out what’s happening around the world.
Much of the focus is on Ukraine that has been the centre of military attacks by Russia since President Vladmir Putin sent in troops on Feb. 24. Many public places and communities have been attacked and left thousands of victims homeless, injured or dead. More than 2.5 million refugees have fled the country.
The situation touches home for people in Alberta, that has a large population of Ukrainians. Many people in the north and south Peace areas have relatives or roots in Ukraine.
Local groups and organizations are doing their part to support refugees and relatives with special fundraisers.
Those people in Ukraine, too, are looking for a new beginning.
Canada has a long history of welcoming immigrants and refugees from all over the world throughout its long history of 155 years. They have been attracted to Canada because of its freedoms. Many Canadians don’t recognize that freedom because they haven’t experienced war, conflict and poverty that millions around the world live and know.
Celebrate life, celebrate freedom!
Enjoy life in Canada!

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