Editorial – Canada deserves better

Chris Clegg

Another federal election has passed and the obvious question asked by most Canadians is, “What did we accomplish?”
Given that the status quo was the result, it is easy to say nothing except we are another $600 million plus in the hole.
The truth is, the only ones who saw great benefit from the election were printers and media, who gained revenue from advertising and, of course, had a lot to report.
Of all the numbers regarding the election, according to one source, the most disturbing should be that Canada has elected five minority governments in the last seven elections. What that tells Canadians is no one leader has truly captured the imagination of the voters, or managed to find a way to unite our great land.
It has not always been that way. For decades, Canada consistently elected majority governments. Whether it be Liberal or Conservative, former leaders did manage to capture the imagination of the country.
So, what has happened?
One element of change over the years is the steady movement toward socialism. The Liberals are leaning toward the left more and more, and even the Conservatives while in power shifted more toward the middle. The political left has always been rampant with subsidies and social programming.
Despite this spending spree which Canada has been on for decades, it isn’t enough in the minds of the voters. All the minority governments elected the last few years can’t fool the voters. Their votes cannot be bought. Canadians want better.
Never before has our nation been so fractured and alienated. The West is pissed. Efforts of all political parties to pander to the East [that is where the votes are!] is leaving the West frustrated. Just when does the West get their fair share of the pie? Yes, many in the West are tired of being treated like a colony where the central government robs the resources to pay for their toys, education and social programs.
The West cries for pipelines to the East to create wealth. Conservatives tell us they will get it done. Really? Just how many pipelines did former prime minister Stephen Harper build to eastern refineries and seaports? Even Harper let us down.
Never before has Canada cried for a real leader. A choice between Trudeau and O’Toole? Ha!
Canada can only hope someone emerges from any political party with a vision that benefits the entire country. The current structure where political parties try to buy votes with no clear vision toward the future except to get elected and rob the poor taxpayer some more money does no one any good. It is a sad situation.
Where a true leader will emerge is anyone’s guess. If no one emerges, it will be the same old, same old.
The vote tells us Canada is still looking. Canadians, we are in trouble.

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