Editorial – “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Richard Froese

“Baby, it’s cold outside!”
Many people were probably singing or humming the words to that popular Christmas song over the holiday season.
It was more than cold, it was bold-chilling as temperatures dropped to –30-40 C for two weeks starting around Christmas Day.
Apparently, it was the coldest Christmas and New Year’s holiday in the Peace region in the past 50 years.
But looking at the weather farther abroad, it also broke records and created havoc all over Alberta and British Columbia.
What a flip in weather when record-breaking heat hit Alberta and B.C. in late-June and July as some regions were being scorched by temperatures 40-50 C and wildfires.
When temperatures rose to the minus single digits, most people were in a much better mood and happier to be outside in weather they could cope with.
While the scorching heat of summer caused many hazards and health risks, the long stretch of deep frigid temperatures seemed to be more dangerous and inconvenient.
It simply becomes more of a chore to cope with winter weather and the cold frigid temperatures.
Before going outside, everyone has to get into a routine to put on a winter jacket, boots, gloves, scarf and a toque.
Walking outside is a risky challenge.
Be careful and don’t slip and fall.
For anyone who needs to drive anywhere, it takes time to warm up the vehicle, scrape the windows and clear off the snow if it is parked outside.
And don’t forget to plug it in the night before so it can start.
Sometimes when it gets too cold for too many days and something goes haywire with the blockheater or electrical cord, the vehicle just won’t start.
Then, its another chore to get a boost or call for roadside service to get the vehicle towed to put some life back into it.
During those days in the deep freeze, many people probably wished they had some of that heat from the summer heat wave.
Isn’t there some way to bottle or preserve hot weather for cold days and preserve cold weather for hot days?
If it’s so cold outside, how does that happen when some “experts” say global warming is causing extreme weather such as freezing temperatures?
Global warming? Bone-chilling temperatures?
Doesn’t make sense, does it?
No doubt, the many stories and memories will be told about the cold snap over Christmas 2021.
Winter will soon be over.
What will the prediction be on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2?
Everyone will have to wait until then.
Warmer and longer days are coming soon as the first day of spring is March 20.
Thinking of spring. It’s time for a time change – spring ahead early March 13.
In a few months, it’s back to hot days of summer.

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