Editorial – A ticking timebomb

Jeff Burgar

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the chief brains behind American policies dealing with the Wuhan COVID-19 virus.

You may or may not agree with him. People go both ways on Fauci thinking. Plus, he has changed his own mind. Among them, the idea masks don’t work. Then they do work! Now, even while others are moving away from masks, he is sticking with them. Which doesn’t mean much, really!

If masks make a person feel safer, there’s no reason to tell that person not to wear a mask. Any sane politician, looking at ever climbing numbers of sick and dying, won’t tell people to not do simple things that make those people feel safe.

Last week, Fauci said that by March or April of 2021, probably 70 per cent of the American population will be vaccinated against the virus. That, in turn, he says, should take America closer and closer to the so-called “herd immunity.” This is the point at which the risk of getting COVID begins to drop. At that point, numbers should, within weeks, be dropping dramatically.

We feel good about his thinking. Original calculations point to 20 million vaccination shots being available to Americans by the end of December. At that rate, figuring it took a month to crank them out, it would be almost another year to get to that 70 per cent. Cutting that to four or five months is wonderful news. We sincerely hope Fauci is correct.

It is slower here in Alberta. Even as vaccines roll out in Canada, premier Jason Kenney says expect June. An already unacceptable date.

If later, there will be holy hell to pay, especially if politicians, publicly or secretly, are in the front line to get vaccinations. We say this because we see, time after time, politicians making rules, calling out cops to enforce those rules on the little people, and then ignoring the same rules when it comes to themselves. Shameful and disgusting!

We can talk all day about who should be first in line to get vaccinations. Residents of assisted living facilities. Front line workers in health. First responders. Military. Seniors maybe, although the fact is, the future belongs to the young.

Frankly, way down the list, you. Yourself. Could-be newspaper columnists, lawyers, bankers, well, you get the picture. Last, of course, should probably be politicians.

But, where do you think they will end up in the line, these tireless servants of the public working their fingers to the bone?

We have toughed out misguided lockdowns. We have struggled with good Canadian businesses, big and small, destroyed while American outfits profit mightily. Now, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. It is now nine terrible, horrible months for many. The worst may soon be over.

Sadly, it has to be said, for many of us still standing, there is little fight left. Not even for just a few extra months. If we are asked to grin and bear it for much longer, that will be more disaster upon already existing disaster and heartbreak.

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