Editorial – A tale of 2 elections

Jeff Burgar

Last week, two important elections happened. At least, important to Albertans!
Probably the most important, because of environment, economic and cultural impacts it will likely have on Canadians and Albertans, was the American ‘mid-terms.’
The past six years, four under former president Donald Trump, and two years under President Joe Biden, swamped Canadians with news. Most of that news, courtesy of a liberal left-leaning mass media in both America and Canada told us constantly, “Trump Bad. Everyone Else Good.” The message repeated endlessly.
There were consequences. TV viewers, as shown by Nielsen Ratings, left CNN and MSNBC by the millions. Fox News, a right-of-centre cable channel, became the major cable news channel in America. As an aside, it’s strange, both CNN and MSNBC are part of ‘basic’ TV in Canada. FoxNews is a ‘pay more’ extra.
At the same time, late night talk show hosts are being replaced, cancelled, or looking for new jobs. The most watched comedian these days isn’t Maher, Colbert, Fallon or Kimmel. It’s some guy named Greg Gutfield on Fox.
Trump said it best before he was booted two years ago? “What are you guys (in Fake Media) going to do if you don’t have me to kick around anymore?”
The answer is now obvious. Look for new jobs, because nobody wants your drivel anymore.
In a nutshell, American politics is driven by ‘big stories,’ ‘big lies’ and media bias. The result is wide open borders, soaring inflation, defund the police movements, claims that abortion is a constitutional right when it never was, Hillary Clinton being applauded by saying Trump stole the election, Trump being vilified for saying the same thing, gosh it just goes on and on!
In today’s world, the idea is ‘find the sweet spot of being outrageous, but don’t cross the line into crazy.’ Which means for many people trying for office, they will never be elected, especially if they are calm, cool, collected. This is seen as not having a mind, not having ideas, not having a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. Good, honest people but could not articulate, never mind sell, a vision of the future.
In Alberta, newly-elected Premier Danielle Smith has a vision of the future, but is having trouble describing it. If you can’t describe it, you sure as heck aren’t going to sell it in the upcoming election just months away.
Finger on the trigger New Democrats salivate. Opportunity to take power knocks on the door.
Smith has, presumably, an ace in the hole. Albertans are conservative folk. Their media, except for the national coverage, is conservative. Right off the bat, that should allow both the United Conservatives, and opponents like Notley’s New Democrats, the chance to voice, and sell, their vision of Alberta’s future. In today’s environment, this should mean rough and tumble, but in the end fair.
And in the end, it’s voters who are always right!
Or who get what they deserve! Take your pick!

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