Peace River School Division – Ecole Springfield School Christmas activities for Sutherland Place and families

A class at Ecole Springfield School during their Christmas concert.

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Melanie Blanchette

Springfield visits Sutherland Place
Students from Melanie Blanchette’s Grade 1/2 class and Courtney Robert’s Grade 2 French Immersion class visited Sutherland Place to spread some Christmas cheer.
Students performed several French and English Christmas songs and afterwards passed out cards they made to each of the residents who watched. This gave students the opportunity to practice generosity, Springfield’s virtue for the month of December.

Springfield hosts Christmas concert
The students at Springfield School entertained their families this year with their Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 20th.
The Springfield Christmas Choir opened up the concert with two selections, “A Winter Carol” and “Christmas Chopsticks.”
Classes were then paired up to perform “Crazy Christmas” – a musical all about the hectic and joyous preparations during the Christmas Season!
In addition, nearly 50 Grade 4 volunteers narrated the musical between selections.

Photo courtesy of Ecole Springfield School.


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