Ecole Heritage welcomes three new teachers

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Sophie du Tremblay, Jennifer Dupuis and Renée Cloutier are the new teachers working at Ecole Heritage this year.

Each of them is profiled in this week’s Smoky River Express.


Sophie du Tremblay

Sophie du Tremblay is teaching Phys Ed for Grades K-9, and she is also teaching Grade 5 Math.

Tremblay is originally from Montreal and she completed a two-year Visual Arts degree at St. Laurent CEGEP. She completed her Phys Ed degree at the Université de Montréal.

Tremblay taught at T.A. Norris in Peace River for one year and in Prince George, B.C. for one year.

Earlier in her life, Tremblay was a swimming coach and this made her interested in teaching.

Tremblay likes to learn along with the students. She also likes their energy and curiosity. Tremblay sees teaching as her career.

Outside teaching, Tremblay enjoys swimming, biking, skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, camping and travel.





Jennifer Dupuis

Jennifer Dupuis teaches Social Studies and French for Grades 9-12.

Dupuis is from the Peace Country originally. She completed a Bachelor of Education at Faculté Saint-Jean in Edmonton, with a Major in Social Studies and a Minor in French.

She taught at Glenmary School in Peace River this past May and June.

Dupuis believes in education, to help students learn and find their voice for the future.

She especially likes working with secondary students and learns a lot from them.

Dupuis was a leader in the Junior Forest Wardens in Falher for four years, over the summers. Dupuis enjoys the outdoors and she enjoyed teaching that program to children. Dupuis wants to complete a Masters of Education degree later.





Renée Cloutier

Renée Cloutier teaches the Grade 3 class and Science 9.

Cloutier has a Bachelor of Education from the Faculté Saint-Jean in Edmonton, with a Major in General Sciences and a Minor in History.

Cloutier taught Phys Ed at Ecole Heritage this past May and June.

She volunteered as a Grade 1 “study buddy” at an elementary school for one semester. She enjoyed it and decided to become a teacher at the elementary level.

Marc Belley, her father, was a teacher at Ecole Heritage and he enjoyed it, and this appealed to her as well.

Outside school, Cloutier enjoys biking, camping and snowboarding for hobbies.

Cloutier is satisfied with her careeer and likes being where she is.

Look for more teacher profiles in the Express in the near future.

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