East Peace 4-H hands out awards to deserving members

Photos by Kyle Nichols


The Kinuso-Lakeside 4-H Club and the Coyote Acres 4-H Club thanks all sponsors, buyers, helpers, leaders, judges Scott Cuthbertson and Tom Elliott, and parents for making their show a success.
Kinuso Lakeside 4-H member Blake Williams with his steer named Chase. Hard work earned him first in Junior Showmanship at the East Peace District 4-H Show.
Kinuso Lakeside 4-H member Janaya Klassen won several awards at the East Peace 4-H District Show, including Senior Grooming, Reserve Champion Heifer, and Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship.
The 2017 Reserve Champion Market Steer was raised by Taylor Blackhurst from the Coyote Acres 4-H Club.
The 2017 Grand Champion was raised by Kaden Klassen from the Kinuso Lakeside 4-H Club.
The Grand Champion Lamb in the Coyote Acres sheep show was won by Madison Conrad, right, and her lamb, Albert, while Roy Verstappen and his lamb, Rambo, placed second.
Jess Verstappen raised the Supreme Champion Female Sheep.
Coyote Acres 4-H member Brooke Monteith prepares her lamb, Pendleton, for the show.
Kelly Cox, a first year 4-H member, placed first in Junior Showmanship with her lamb, Willow.
Being a 4-H member is not just about the ribbons and achievements earned, it is about the lifelong friends each member makes. Left to right are Brooke Monteith, Shelby Cook, Madison Conrad and Nicole Williscroft.
The 2017 Supreme Female was raised by Sunni Mason from Coyote Acres 4-H Club. The three-year-old cow is shown with its twin calves.
Judge Tom Elliot, from Hythe, was the sheep judge. Above, he inspects the lamb of Ramona Bokhout during the showmanship class.

Steer Buyers

4-H Member                    Buyer

Kaden Klassen              Peyre Farm Equipment
Taylor Blackhurst           Cox Contracting
Emily Bittorf                  D&T Auto
Chase Blackhurst           Freson Bros.
Roy Verstappen             Martin Deerline
Trae Klassen                 Big Fish Bay
Janaya Klassen             PE Energy
Summer Mason             Bim’s Car & Truck Wash
Brooke Monteith            Attack Steaming
Brailey Klassen             Klassen
MacKenzie Plante         Falcon Rentals
Tyler Mason                  Jim and Cheryl Sheldon
Blake Williams              Carwald
Nicole Williscroft           Revolution Ford
Emily Plante                 K&R Water Hauling
Hunter Williams             CM Forestry
Sunni Mason                Justine Clarke
Todd Williscroft             Cox Contracting
Samuel Plante              Heavy Equipment Repair
Brenden Kasinec           HP Forest Products

Lamb Sale Buyers

4-H Member                  Buyer

Madison Conrad             Lazy W Ranch
Roy Verstappen             Roy McIntire
Konnor Killoran              Johnny’s Sausage
Ramona Bokhout           Sieg Holleis
Nicole Williscroft            Don Johnson
Kelly Cox                      Scott Cuthbertson
Shelby Cook                  Fevang Farms
Todd Williscroft              Don Johnson
Whisper Forseille           Dennis Olanski
Brooke Monteith            Cody Clarke
Faith Holleis                  George Blackhurst
Kolten Krystal                HP Seed Cleaning Plant

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