Eaglesham Ag Society’s “Spring Scurry,” draws 127 participants to Watino event

Participants leave the starting line in the youth run at Eaglesham Ag Society’s “Spring Scurry,” at Watino, May 5.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The 7th annual “Spring Scurry” event took place at Watino on May 5 beginning at 9am.

The event, put on by the Eaglesham Ag Society in conjunction with the community of Watino who provide the venue at their community hall and take care of the meal that is available following the run.

“The Eaglesham Ag Society is basically trying to improve the quality of life in our rural communities so, we do all sorts of events to promote learning and fitness and to create an opportunity for the community to get together,” says Eaglesham and District Ag Society Secretary, Andrea Farrell.

This year’s Spring Scurry drew the largest number of participants to date with 127 paid participants and approximately 50 spectators. The last two years, the event had 105 participants so it is gaining in popularity.

“With the Spring Scurry our goal is to promote fitness for our locals but we also want to attract out-of-area people to our county,” says Farrell. “I would say we draw people from about an hour and a half radius around Watino, where the event takes place.”

The Eaglesham Ag Society also sees the Watino event as a means for other local groups to promote their interests so any a community group who can benefit from the event is welcome.

“The Library Board, for instance was here and they used it as a fundraiser, and I did a plug for our local golf course,” says Farrell.

The Girl Guides of Canada also had cookies for sale at the event.

“When you live in the city there are organizations for everything but when you live in the county, everything we do we have to create it and it can be a great place to live only because we make it a great place.

“The Watino Spring Scurry is also a fundraiser for the Eaglesham Ag Society and Watino Hall.

“The Watino Community Hall makes money on the lunch and what we do is pay them extra for the hall and share some of the proceeds with them,” says Farrell.

The Elks of Canada new mascot “Charlie the Moose” made an appearance at the run as the Eaglesham Royal Purple Elks made a contribution towards Amanda Syryda’s “The Hula Hoop Circus” from Grande Praire, which entertained the small kids during the event.

The Eaglesham Ag Scoiety does other events throughout the year such asan upcoming garden tour and a pumpkin festival this fall.

The winners of the 2019 Eaglesham Ag Society’s “Watino Spring Scurry” run are as follows:

Youth 5km Female: 1stEmery Fabian Grande Prairie – 2nd Lily Bakher, Peace River – 3rd Aneeka Gagne, Tangent.

Youth 5km Male: 1st Wyatt Day, Eaglesham – 2nd Jesse Farrell, Eaglesham – 3rd Jared Bolster, Watino.

5km Run Female: 1st Holly Drader, Tangent – 2nd Martine Piebiak, Eaglesham – 3rd Chrystal Johnson, Grimshaw.

5km Run Male: 1st Kienan Wilson, Joussard – 2nd Chris Drader, Tangent – Danny Paradis, Watino.

Over 55yrs in 5km Female: Jeanette Kasper, Eaglesham.

Over 55yrs in 5km Male: Theode Kasper, Eaglesham

Over 55yrs in 10km Male: Mike McKay, Eaglesham.

Over 55yrs in 10km Female: Peggy Pike, Peace River.

10km Run Female: 1st Sarah Baker, Grande Prairie – 2nd Shari Brochu, Grande Prairie – 3rd Peggy Pike, Peace River.

10km Run Male: 1st Allan Paterson, McLennan – 2nd Kris Tansem, Grimshaw – 3rd Ethan Paradis, Watino.

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