Dubrule is walking to save his home and is also advocating for the many Albertans that are about to lose their homes


Faye Turcotte
Express Staff

Jason Dubrule left Falher on April 21st at 8:30 a.m. He begun his walk to the legislature in Edmonton, to raise the awareness for all the families in Alberta that have lost their jobs and their homes due to the economy. If Jason does not get the answers he wants from the provincial goverment, he will keep walking to Ottawa to see the federal government.

When Jason gets to the legislature, he would like Albertans to come join him in getting answers to the job losses and to the families that are getting kicked out of their houses.

He worked in the oilfield indusry to support his family. Now he is on Employment Insurance and can not maintain his lifestyle for his family. Many Albertans are feeling the same, fearing for the loss of their homes and what they are going to do in this economic crisis.



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