Driftpile woman banned from owning animals, birds

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A Driftpile, Alta. woman will not be allowed to have animals for two years after putting a dog in distress.
Betsy Giroux, 35, was also fined $500 after pleading guilty in High Prairie provincial court May 16 to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.
Officers of Lakeshore Regional Police Service responded to a call of animal in agony at Giroux’s residence on March 21 around 8:13 p.m., Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka told court.
One officer found a black dog inside one of several abandoned vehicles on the property.
“Police approached the vehicle and within 20 feet could smell something foul emitting from the car,” Shapka said.
“As police got closer, an officer observed the neck of the dog was matted with fur and clear discharge and was foul smelling.”
Police coaxed the dog out of the vehicle and recorded some photographs. In the Woods Animal Rescue was advised about the situation.
Police then went to another Driftpile residence and spoke to Giroux who admitted the dog was her family’s.
“The collar was too tight around the dog’s neck so she abandoned it because she was unable to care for it,” Shapka said.
At the same time, Giroux signed the officer’s notebook to allow police to seize the dog. Officers transferred the dog to In the Woods which later informed police that the dog required emergency surgery.
Judge R.B. Marceau advised Giroux to be responsible with animals.
“If you can’t care for an animal, you shouldn’t have an animal or pet in your home,” Judge Marceau told her.
He then banned Giroux from having a pet, animal or bird in her care for two years.
Duty counsel Harry Jong said Giroux tried to get the dog to come to her, but it kept running away.
Giroux had no previous criminal record.
“She offered a very early guilty plea, indicting remorse,” the Crown noted.
Giroux was ordered to pay the fine by Jan. 31, 2023.

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