Village of Donnelly Council Meeting Summary – January 14, 2019

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm, on January 14, 2019. Brian Austrom consultant from Vacinia Planning and Engagement Inc. began his presentation at 7:16 pm to describe to council the process that the Inter-municipal Development Plan (IDP) will require.

The revised Municipal Government Act mandates that municipalities complete an IDP by April 2020. This will involve having an open house to give ratepayers the opportunity to inform council of their planning needs. First reading will be prepared and then a public hearing will be held.

Any changes or recommendations from the public hearing brought back to council. The Municipal Government Act requires that planning documents such as IDP hold an open house and public hearing, to give ratepayers an opportunity to voice their concerns.

The Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) is also mandated by the revised Municipal Government Act. All municipalities that border each other, must complete this document. The consultant Vicinia Planning and Engagement Inc. will assist the Municipality of Smoky River #130 and the 4 other urban municipalities to complete a regional ICF. At the open house and later at the public hearing, there will be information provided on the ICF. Dates for the open house and public hearing will be set at a later time.

Letter of Resignation
It is with regret that council accepted the letter of resignation from Councillor Vance Yaremko. A bi-election has been set for March 4, 2019, and nomination day as February 4, 2019. Anyone interested in being a councillor, please contact the Village Office for a package.
Committee appointments were temporarily made to replace Councillor Yaremko as follows:
Guy Donnelly Sportex – Councillor Stenhouse
Smoky River Regional Economic Development – Deputy Mayor Labrecque
Smoky River Regional Water Management Commission and Smoky River Regional Waste Management Commission – Mayor Lanctot

LGAA Conference
Council has approved CAO Maure to attend the Local Government Administration Association (LGAA) Conference on April 3 to 5, 2019.

Letter of Support
Council will send a letter of support to the Société historique et généalogique de Smoky River for their grant application to Community Initiatives Program for the 100th Anniversary of the Parish and the History Book.
Council will send a letter of support to the Club des Pionniers for their grant application to Community Facility Enhancement Program to renovate their washrooms and make them more handicap accessible.

Falher Intermunicipal Library Board Appointment
Council has appointed Rita Boulet for a second term, as our representative at large on the Falher Intermunicipal Library Board. There is a vacancy on this committee for another member at large, should any resident be interested, please contact the office at 780-925-3835.

Peace Regional Victim Services
Council has decided to receive as information the request from Peace Regional Victim Services for a contribution of $2.00 per capital.

Smoky River Express Contract
Council received as information the letter dated December 12th, 2018 from Mary Burgar, Publisher for the Smoky River Express, advising council our contract with the Smoky River Express will be terminated as of January 7th, 2019, with the option to extend to February 1st, 2019; which was exercised.
Council will be posting notifications and bylaws on their website, on the bulletin board in the lobby of the Village of Donnelly Administrative Building. We will also continue to do a newsletter which is mailed with the utility bills. Should you wish email notification(s) of Village announcements, please register on our website at on the home page, under subscribe to newsletter. Meetings and events will be posted on the Community Calendar, check it out on the Smoky River Regional Economic Development website. We hope to have a link on our website shortly.

Northern Lakes College Business Bootcamp
Northern Lakes College is promoting their business courses being offered online, and the option for anyone, business, organization wanting the opportunity to host the course locally for a fee. For more information, you can find the link on our website under the business tab, and their poster is in the lobby.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Membership
Council has moved to renew the FCM membership for 2019-2020.

Cam-Trac camera of sewer lines
Council will continue the sewer line project which began in 2018. The sewer lines were video taped (camera also known as CCTV).
There were areas unable to be completed, these areas will be cleaned and completed in 2019.

Smoking Tobacco & Cannabis Bylaw
Bylaw #18-05 Smoking and Vaping of Tobacco & Cannabis was brought for second reading and was defeated. This bylaw is now considered defeated.
Therefore, the Village of Donnelly will utilize the Provincial and Federal laws in place for smoking and vaping of tobacco and cannabis.
Should you wish more information on these laws, contact the Village Office.


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