Despite losses, Outlaws applauded for sportsmanship

High Prairie Outlaws’ quarterback Konnor Krystal, left, carries the ball against the Sexsmith Shamrocks Oct. 5 in High Prairie.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The High Prairie Outlaws suffered two losses last week but played only one game in the Peace Country Bantam Football League.
High Prairie lost 32-0 to the Sexsmith Shamrocks on home turf Oct. 5.
The Outlaws continued to persevere, head coach Tom Duchesneau says, despite the losses.
“We started off slowly against the 3-0 Shamrocks and fell behind early in the first quarter,” Duchesneau says.
High Prairie trailed 19-0 after the first quarter.
“However, our offence got stronger and stronger as the game went on,” Duchesneau says.
“Late in the first half, we were moving the ball very well and pushed the Shamrocks back over 60 yards with several hard drives up the middle from our running back Trenton Wait Radstaak.”
The Outlaws came close to scoring their first points on the season late in the first half.
“We felt we had great momentum and were looking to push the ball into the end zone but unfortunately ran out of time,” Duchesneau says.
“We continued to improve in the second half.”
The coach commended quarterback Konnor Krystal, who completed some nice passes and made several tackles on defence.
After the game, the Outlaws were complimented by the Sexsmith coaches.
“They were so impressed with the sportsmanship displayed by the Outlaw players,” says Duchesneau.
“They said their Sexsmith players were so happy with the game, they were not used to playing a team that would tackle hard, then reach down and help you up and congratulate you for making a nice play.”
The Outlaws coach appreciates the comments and the Outlaws’ attitude.
“Way to go, Outlaws!” Duchesneau says.
“That is how we want to represent our team and community.”
High Prairie was scheduled to play a road game Oct. 1 against the Grande Prairie Broncos.
“Unfortunately, due to a low number of available players, we had to forfeit the game,” Duchesneau says.
“We had only 10 players show up in the morning for the game.
“Some of the Outlaw players are involved in multiple sports and we also had a number of players who were out with colds.”
After a bye week, the Outlaws end the regular season Oct. 22 when they visit the Grande Prairie Norsemen.

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