‘Definitely not satisfied’

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A free 2022 membership is what McLennan town council is asking the Mighty Peace Tourism Association.
Council made the decision at its Jan. 10 meeting saying they were unhappy with the service received in 2021.
At previous meetings, council expressed concern over the value received from Mighty Peace, specifically the inclusion of town tourism information on their website and brochures.
CAO Lorraine Willier told council information will be updated in 2022 brochures and the website. Council did notice that currently, McLennan is not included on Mighty Peace brochure maps, which are currently being updated to include the town, known as the Bird Capital of Canada. When McLennan joined last year, it was too late to include them, council heard from its rep on the board, Luc Dubrule.
Cost to buy an annual membership is $2,096.15.
Mayor Jason Doris was first to express concern.
“We went a full year with basically nothing,” he said.
“I’m not happy with what we have.”
Doris suggested negotiating a better membership deal.
Councillor Sue Delaurier suggested another option with more local emphasis.
“Do you think that $2,000 be better invested in our own museum?” she asked.
Or, it was also suggested, in Northern Woods and Water Route promotions.
Doris persisted.
“We should be included this year and not have to pay,” he said.
Councillor Marie-Anne Jones added she checks Facebook page regularly, and Mighty Peace has posted virtually nothing after an initial post after they joined. She also noted other communities and organizations were getting a lot of advertising.
“Definitely not satisfied,” said Doris.
A letter will be sent to Mighty Peace asking for a 2022 free membership. Dubrule will also speak to the matter at Mighty Peace’s next meeting Jan. 31.

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