Dazzling sculptures highlight annual Carnaval

A view of the row of ice sculptures shows the winning entry in the foreground. A close up of the winner is at the bottom of this page.

Artists brave cold to carve their entries

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

The annual St. Isidore Carnaval might have been cancelled this year, but the annual snow sculpture contest went ahead, despite both the pandemic and extreme cold warnings.

The teams sculpted their snow blocks outside in frigid cold that at times dipped as low as -37C, with even colder wind chills. They had up to a week to sculpt their snow masterpieces, with a deadline of Feb. 13.

Laval, Mathieu, Olivier and Julien Bergeron won top prize in the professional sculpture category for their sculpture “Zoom carnival,” which features the Carnival mascot Hibou with a keyboard and mouse pad.

Kris Scobie, Mike Davis and Scott Harter came in second with “When Pigs Fly,” and Joel Lavoie came in third with his woodpecker snow sculpture. Mike Russell’s sculpture “Small World” didn’t make it into the top three.

Maëllle Bergeron won the amateur sculpture competition for her home snow sculpture of a cat, and Olivier Bergeron also won a participation prize for his goalie sculpture.

The amateur competition was open to anyone who built a sculpture and posted it to social media, and even had a participant in Québec. The winner was determined by a vote count of how many “likes” and reactions the photos received until Feb. 15.

The winners were announced on Feb. 16.

The professional sculptures are still up and can be seen along Companions Avenue in St. Isidore, at least as long as the winter weather doesn’t warm up too much.

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