Dairy Queen development permit approved

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The developer interested in building a Dairy Queen and gas bar/convenience store in High Prairie has applied for a development permit and been approved.
Interim Town of High Prairie CAO Hermann Minderlein posted the permit on the Town’s website last week. The proposed store will be just west of Kentucky Fried Chicken by the West Prairie River.
However, any persons affected by the decision may appeal to the clerk of the Town’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. Any such appeal must be in writing with a $250 fee plus advertising fee by the three-week deadline after the permit was granted [Aug. 15].
Work at the site has occurred for weeks, with the removal of trees and stumps first.
Council previously agreed at its July 12 meeting to spend an estimated $96,725.20 from its water reserve to cover the cost of relocating the water line and registering an easement across the property of 5120-53 Ave. The money for the project will come from council’s water reserve with any cost savings returned to the reserve.
The water line at the site was installed in the 1960s. Due to the design of Dairy Queen, the existing water line needs to be relocated to the west. The developer has agreed in principle to grant the easement at no cost if the line is moved.
Council also heard at its July 26 meeting that the gas tanks to be buried at the site meet the approval of province government guidelines.

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