CSNO board meeting highlights – April 15, 2016

The CSNO held its regular meeting at École Nouvelle Frontière (ÉNF) and the school council was invited to present a report.

The President, Madame Beatriz Breuls de Tiecken, presented a report of the council’s activities, successes and challenges.

Madame Nathalie Potvin, school principal, and eight junior high school students made a presentation about their career and technology study programs available at the school.

The Trustees were delighted to see the interest of students for the courses and their appreciation of the new CTS classrooms at ENF.
2017-2020 Capital Plan
The 2017-2020 Capital Plan was approved. The priorities of the plan are:

1. A new school construction for École des Quatre-Vents to meet the needs of its student population from preschool through grade 12 in the Peace River region.

2. Construction of a new Francophone school in the northwestern (Royal Oakes) region of Grande Prairie to meet the growing demand for French first-language educational programs in the Grande Prairie area.

3. École Héritage modernization and upgrade to meet the needs of the student population from preschool through Grade 12 in the Falher region.

4. Funding request to conduct a preliminary study in High Level to determine the potential demand for French first-language education in High Level.
Budget 2016-2017
Trustees attended the Minister of Education’s conference call regarding the provincial budget 2016-2017.

The board appreciates there has been no reduction in the budget for school boards, but underfunding in transportation and the addition of the “Carbon Levy” in January 2017 will create challenges for the CSNO.

The date for submission of the 2016-2017 budget has been rescheduled to June 30th.
2016-2017 School Calendars
The board adopted the school calendars including changes (in blue) following discussions with the school councils.
Important dates include:
. August 29 First Day – STAFF.
. Sept. 1 First Day – STUDENTS.
. Sept. 23 CSNO Staff Day.
. Dec. 19 to Jan. 2, Winter Break – ALL.
. March 24 to 31 Spring Break – ÉH.
. April 10 to 17 Spring Break – ÉQV.
. April 14 to 21 Spring Break – ÉNF.
. June 27 Last day – GRADES 1 – 9.
. June 29 Last day – GRADES 10 – 12.
. June 30 Last day – STAFF.
. School calendars are available at: www.csno.ab.ca.
Trustee Reports
The board’s annual retreat was held on April 15th and 16th in Grande Prairie.

The board developed its’ 2016-2019 strategic plan, accompanied by Madame Dolorèse Nolette, the facilitator of the retreat.

Trustees are invited to participate in the 2016 Graduation ceremonies. École Héritage’s graduation ceremony will be held on June 4th and École Nouvelle Frontière on June 11th.

Mr. Mario Paradis reminded Trustees that the CSNO is hosting the next ASBA Zone 1 meeting which will take place on May 11th at the St-Isidore Cultural Centre.
Superintendent’s Report
Agent scolaire /communautaire at ÉNF

An agreement with the provincial ACFA will be implemented to create the position of agent scolaire/communautaire at École Nouvelle Frontière.

Meeting the capital needs of Francophone School Boards

The Superintendent attended the meetings with the Francophone School Boards Superintendents and the Ministry of Education officials to review the criteria for analyzing infrastructure projects, as well as the possibility of a separate funding envelope for Francophone boards.

The law firm Juristes Power is also present to support the Francophone School Boards.
Modernization at École Nouvelle Frontière
The inauguration for the modernization at ÉNF will be held May 9th at 4 p.m.
Droit comme un « F »
The Board is hosting the documentary film « Droit comme un F ». This documentary focuses on the struggles for the right to francophone education in minority settings since the early 1980s until very recently.

The first episode focuses on the Mahé ruling and the evolution of francophone education in Alberta.

The free screening in French will take place at the St-Isidore Cultural Centre on May 25 at 7 p.m. All are welcome.
Trustees took the opportunity to thank Mr. Marc Labonté, Interim Treasurer since December 2014, for his indispensable contribution over the last year and a half.

The board is grateful to the Conseil scolaire Centre-Est who accepted this agreement to provide accounting services to the CSNO.

In addition, the Board wished a warm welcome to Madame Josea Gagnon, Treasurer / Operations manager, who joined the central office administration team on April 7.
Notice of Change
The next Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest regular meeting will be held on May 25, 2016, rather than May 18th as announced.
The public is invited to attend the School Board meetings. Items may be added to the agenda by contacting Rachelle Bergeron, Corporate Secretary, at (780) 624-8855 or 1-866-624-8855.

NB – Please note that Board meetings are held in French.

The next Board meeting will be held May 25, 2016, at 10 a.m., at the Central Office (St-Isidore).

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