COVID forces closure

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

How to reward the valuable contribution volunteers make to the Town of McLennan is still being debated.

The matter arose during the interim budget discussion at council’s Dec. 14 regular meeting when Councillor Sue Delaurier noticed no money was set aside.

“This town runs on volunteers,” she said.

Last year, council budgeted $3,000. It was suggested to show their appreciation, council divide $3,000 among its volunteer organizations [about 10 of them].

Council usually holds a banquet but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is likely not possible next year.

Delaurier said the money would show “that we’re giving back to them.”

Councillor Terry Calliou said the volunteers look forward to the banquet each year.

“It shows we’re still thinking about them,” he said of the suggestion.

Because there was still time to decide what to do, and the fact that restrictions in the pandemic may change, no decision was reached at the meeting.

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