Court Docket – Woman pays price for ignoring probation order

H.P. court docket
Aug. 14, 2023
Justice G.W. Paul

A young woman from Peavine will pay a few hundred dollars in fines for breaching probation and for not showing up in court.
Shaylin Faith Lalonde, 25, was fined $200 each on two counts after pleading guilty in High Prairie Court of Justice Aug. 14 to breach of probation and for failing to appear in court.
Court heard she failed to report to probation and missed a docket court appearance, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
Lalonde led a life of alcohol addiction at the time, duty counsel Harry Jong said.
She has ended her lifestyle of addictions and recently gave birth to a child, he noted.
Justice G.W. Paul was pleased to hear that.
“Your life is getting better,” Justice Paul said.
He ordered Lalonde to pay the fines by March 19, 2024.

Bryden A. Willier, 35, was handed a global sentence of five days in jail for obstructing a peace officer, two counts of failing to comply with a probation order and one count of failing to comply with conditions after he pleaded guilty.
He was given credit for time served.
All three breaches were for being at his grandmother’s residence where he was not allowed, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson told court.
“The problem is he has nowhere else to go,” the Crown said.
Willier did not initially co-operate when High Prairie RCMP responded to the call at Grouard.
“He was obstructive and resistant,” the Crown noted.
Justice G.W. Paul supported a joint submission for sentencing from lawyer Derek Renzini and the Crown.
Renzini says Willier understands his wrongdoing.
“He’s expressing responsibility.
“He’s clearly had trouble complying with probation orders,” he added.

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