Court Docket – Woman attacked with metal bar, court hears

H.P. court docket
Oct. 31, 2022
Judge S.P. Hinkley

A woman from Whitefish will spend almost three months behind bars for her part in a dangerous assault of another women.
Lacey Jane Laboucan, 35, was sentenced to 90 days after pleading guilty to assault with a weapon in High Prairie provincial court Oct. 31.
Court heard Laboucan and two other female assailants attacked another female and hit her with a silver metal bar, Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka said.
“This was quite a violent attack,” the Crown said.
The victim later said she was fearing for her safety.
Judge S.P Hinkley noted the attack was very serious although no injuries were reported by the Crown.
“Ms. Laboucan has an unenviable record of violence,” said Judge Hinkley.
“If you keep going after people with a pipe, you could kill somebody. You can’t be doing this.”
Harry Jong appeared in court with Laboucan in a duty counsel capacity. He told court his client was intoxicated with drugs and alcohol.
“She realizes drugs and alcohol don’t mix together,” Jong said.
“She’s hoping to change her life around,” he added.
Laboucan told court she has been influenced by people she associates with.
“I need to change my surroundings of people.”
Laboucan, who was given six days credit for time already served in custody, was also sentenced to one day in jail concurrent for failing to appear in court after she did not show up on docket day.

George Edward Giroux, 33, was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to using or trafficking in a credit card.
Court heard Giroux was in possession of two credit cards taken from a van owned by High Prairie School Division around March 11, 2022, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson told court.
Surveillance video showed an image of Giroux using the card at the High Prairie Petro-Canada station. Giroux used the card several times and logged $385.29 in charges and even filled jerry cans, the Crown added.
Judge S.P. Hinkley ordered Giroux to pay full restitution.

Jada Grifa, 24, was fined $100 after pleading guilty to mischief with damage under $5,000.
The charge arose after she kicked a glass door at the Fields store in High Prairie several times on Oct. 2, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson told court.
Grifa was also ordered to pay $420 restitution.
“You broke it, you pay for it,” Judge Hinkley said during sentencing.
Duty counsel Harry Jong told court Grifa has a criminal record related to alcohol.
“She kicked the door while she was intoxicated,” Jong said.
However, he noted Grifa has moved away from a life of crime.
“She has now changed her life,” Jong said.
The judge ordered Grifa to pay the fine by Jan. 31, 2023.

Marcus Corbin Okimaw, 20, of Driftpile, was sentenced to probation for 12 months after pleading guilty to assault.
Court heard Okimaw assaulted a female Driftpile security officer on Dec. 10, 2021, Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka submitted.
A female and male security officer responded to a report of a young couple riding a quad intoxicated on the so-called blue bridge. After the security officers stopped the couple, Okimaw was pushing and shoving the officers.
“He punched the female officer in the face,” Shapka alleged.
Since then, Okimaw has become more responsible, said Cheryl Kachuk, criminal court worker with Native Counselling Services of Alberta, who appeared in court to speak for Okimaw.
“He has made steps to turn his life around.”
Okimaw was also fined $250 for failing to appear in court and $150 on a second count of failing to appear in court. Both appearances were docket days.
Judge S.P. Hinkley ordered Okimaw to pay the fines by April 24, 2023.
During probation, Okimaw is required to abstain from drinking alcohol in public, have no contact with the two security officers and complete assessment, counselling and treatment for drugs and alcohol. and for anger management as directed by his probation officer.

Megan Frances M. Smith, 29, of High Prairie, was fined $3,000 after pleading guilty to driving a vehicle without insurance.
The charge arose after Smith borrowed a vehicle from her mother but did not check to find out whether the vehicle had insurance or not, duty counsel Harry Jong told court.
Judge S.P. Hinkley ordered Smith to pay by Oct. 30, 2023.

Leslie Lee Davis was fined $3,000 after pleading guilty to for driving a motor vehicle without insurance.
Time to pay was granted to Oct. 30, 2023.

Ian Bruce Courtoreille, of Driftpile, was fined $300 after pleading guilty to driving a motor vehicle while unauthorized.
Judge S.P. Hinkley ordered him to pay the fine by March 13, 2023.

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