Court Docket – Woman apologizes for spitting on officers

H.P. court docket
Monday, Feb 7, 2022
Judge R.B. Marceau

A former High Prairie area woman is spending another few weeks in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer.
Roseanne Marie Chalifoux, 37, of Edmonton, was sentenced to 45 days in jail after she appeared in High Prairie provincial court Feb. 7.
She was given credit for two days for time already served in the Edmonton Remand Centre.
Chalifoux spit on two Lakeshore Regional Police Service officers and kicked another in the leg while being taken into custody Jan. 11, 2022 around 6:10 p.m., Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
During sentencing, Judge R.B. Marceau noted Chalifoux had a “violent” criminal history.
“She has a record of violence and abusing officers,” he said.
“I am concerned about an escalation in violence.”
The judge also noted spitting on officers is aggravating, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people are wearing masks to prevent the risk and spread.
The Crown agreed.
“Spitting on a police officer is hazardous and is a violent offence,” Abunada said.
To her credit, Chalifoux expressed remorse when she appeared on CCTV.
“I’d like to apologize to the officers,” Chalifoux said as she spoke to the judge.
“I’m ashamed I did that.”
Chalifoux dealt with several other charges. She was also sentenced to 30 days in jail for assault with a weapon during the same incident but was given credit for time served.
Court heard police responded to a suspicious vehicle parked at the Driftpile Community Hall, located immediately south of the Lakeshore headquarters.
An officer heard somebody yell from the vehicle. Later, it was discovered Chalifoux hit a female in the head with a metal mug, the Crown alleged.
Duty counsel says Harry Jong appeared in court to speak for Chalifoux. He said Chalifoux was not in her right mind at the time of the incident.
“She says she had psychosis,” Jong said.
“She wants to go for treatment.”
Chalifoux was also sentenced to 10 days in jail after pleading guilty to assault during another incident and also given time for credit served.
The charge arose when Chalifoux became agitated and hit a female at a birthday party Jan. 5, the Crown told court.
“She punched her three to four times,” Abunada said.
The Crown added Chalifoux was drinking at the time.
Chalifoux was fined $400 for mischief, and given credit for time served. Court heard she went into a Driftpile house and the owner told her to leave. Jong explained Chalifoux went to clean up the house after some people made a mess.
Chalifoux was fined $250 for failing to appear in court and $200 for a second count. Both were docket days. She was given credit for time served on the charges.

Corey Blaine Anderson was sentenced to 15 days custody after pleading guilty to assaulting a peace officer and 15 days for failing to comply with conditions.
He was given credit for time already served at the Peace River Correctional Centre.
Anderson assaulted a police officer when he was apprehended by High Prairie RCMP on Jan. 9, 2022, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
“He punched him. . .” the Crown said.
The failing to comply charge arose when police were called to a home where Anderson breached a court order to not have contact with a named female.
During sentencing, the Crown noted Anderson’s criminal record was aggravating.
Anderson understands he has to obey court orders, no matter what, said his lawyer, Derek Renzini.
“He knows if his girlfriend invites him over to her place, he knows better not to go,” Renzini said.

Latoya Catherine Giroux, 21, of Driftpile, was sentenced to 10 days in jail after pleading guilty to causing a disturbance by screaming but released after given credit for time already served in custody.
Giroux also dealt with other charges. She was also fined $200 for failing to appear in court but also given credit for time served.
Court heard Giroux was yelling at a male May 19, 2020 at IDA Pharmacy in High Prairie, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada said.
“She was swearing and shouting at him.”
Judge R.B. Marceau expressed concern for her behaviour.
“Causing a public disturbance is aggravating,” he noted.

Peter A. Carifelle, 53, of Gift Lake, was fined $500 after pleading guilty to assault.
Court heard the charge arose when Carifelle assaulted a male on May, 22, 2021, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
“He sucker-punched [the victim] once and punched him three times in the head,” the Crown said.
The victim fell to the ground, she added.
Judge R.B. Marceau accepted a sentence recommended by the Crown and Carifelle’s lawyer, Derek Renzini.
“The joint submission is reasonable,” he noted.
Renzini told court Carifelle is remorseful.
“He is accepting responsibility.”
Carifelle was ordered to pay the fine by Sept. 1, 2022.

Daniel Michael Deynaka, 41, of High Prairie was fined $500, plus a victim fine surcharge of $150, after pleading guilty to unauthorized possession of a firearm.
High Prairie RCMP appeared at the home of Deynaka during an unrelated investigation, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada said. Deynaka admitted he had firearms when asked by an officer. The officer further discovered Deynaka did not have a valid licence and the gun case was unlocked, the Crown added.
Deynaka told the officer he had a licence but had not renewed it in five years.
Judge R.B. Marceau banned Deynaka from possessing and using firearms for two years.
Deynaka was ordered by the judge to pay the fines by April 30, 2022.

Braaden Daryl Key, 25, was fined $100 for angling with more than two lines in ice-covered water.
An Alberta Fish and Wildlife officer observed Key fishing with four fishing lines on Lesser Slave Lake near Kinuso, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada said.
Key was fishing with his girlfriend but only he had a fishing licence, duty counsel Harry Jong told court.
“They never caught anything,” Jong added.

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