Court Docket – Ride costs woman

H.P. court docket
Oct. 18, 2021
Judge G.W. Paul

A woman injured while driving a quad in Sucker Creek will also feel it in the pocketbook.
Tamara Lori-Lynn Badger was fined $543 for careless driving of an off-highway vehicle when she appeared in High Prairie provincial court Oct. 18.
She was injured after she crashed a quad April 16 near the Sucker Creek First Nation band office, Crown prosecutor Kelly Payne said.
“Witnesses reported she was driving at a high rate of speed passing vehicles,” Payne said.
“She hit several potholes, lost control, hit a guard rail and was sent flying into the air.”
EMS was also on the scene with Lakeshore Regional Police Service.

Clarence Payou was sentenced to one day in jail for resisting a peace officer.
Police struggled to apprehend him as McLennan RCMP arrived at High Prairie RCMP cells, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada says.
“He pulled his right arm away sharply from officers.”
Officers eventually apprehended Payou to complete the transfer.

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