Court Docket – Remorseful man sentenced for domestic assault

H.P. court docket
April 22, 2024
Justice S.P. Hinkley

A young man who assaulted a female during a domestic incident will spend another few more days in jail.
Jesse Jim Hawryliw-Letendre, 32, of High Prairie, was sentenced to 21 days for assault after pleading guilty in the High Prairie Court of Justice on April 22.
He was given 15 days credit for time already served in the Peace River Correctional Centre.
Court heard Hawryliw-Letendre entered the home of his former female spouse in High Prairie on April 13 and went into her bedroom where he attempted to kiss her, Crown prosecutor Kelly Payne said.
“He was not invited into the home,” Payne said.
The female victim slapped him.
“He grabbed her on the right side of the neck and pinched it,” the Crown submitted.
“It’s aggravating that it’s domestic violence.”
Payne noted the accused had no previous criminal record of violence.
After he is released from jail, Hawryliw-Letendre will be placed on probation for 15 months. During probation, he was ordered by Justice S.P. Hinkley to complete assessment, counselling and treatment for domestic violence and drugs and alcohol addictions.
“This is your chance to get help,” Justice Hinkley said.
Hawryliw-Letendre is eager to move on, his lawyer Derek Renzini told court.
“He is motivated to get counselling for domestic violence,” Renzini said.
“His early guilty plea is a gesture of remorse.”
Hawryliw-Letendre was at the woman’s home to pick up his children, Renzini noted.
The justice ordered him to have not contact with the victim during probation, which he supported.
“He has no aspirations to continue the relationship with her,” Renzini said.
He added the relationship has been on and off for some time.
Hawryliw-Letendre can access their children only through a third party.
He has a strong backing to help in the situation, court was told.
“He’s got a lot of family support,” said Cheryl Kachuk, criminal courtworker with Native Counselling Services of Alberta.
Hawryliw-Letendre’s mother present with him was in court.

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