Court Docket – Refusal to comply with roadside screening nets woman hefty fine

H.P. court docket
Jan. 22, 2024
Justice S.P. Hinkley

A Sucker Creek woman will pay a big fine after pleading guilty to a driving charge and is confined to her home for three months on another charge.
Shayna Lynn Willier, 35, was fined $2,000 for failing or refusing to provide a mandatory roadside alcohol screening test in High Prairie Court of Justice on Jan. 22.
Willier was also fined $99 for obstructing a peace officer after pleading guilty.
“She provided a fake name and she refused the mandatory screening,” Crown prosecutor Serge Eta-Ndu told court.
Justice S.P. Hinkley said he had no option with the fine for the refusing to take a screening test.
“It’s a mandatory minimum fine,” Justice Hinkley told Willier.
However, the $99 fine was waived. He appearance and guilty plea in court sufficed as penalty.
The Crown recommended $500 on the obstruction charge; however, Willier’s lawyer, Derek Renzini, replied Willier has limited financial resources.
Willier was also handed a 90-day conditional sentence order for operating a vehicle while prohibited after pleading guilty.
“She’s sorry for what she did,” Renzini said.
Justice Hinkley ordered Willier to pay the major fine by Oct. 7.
During the first 60 days of her CSO, she is required to remain in her residence 24 hours a day seven days a week. Completing the sentence, she will be allowed outside her home for the final 30 days except for a curfew.
No other details of the curfew and CSO were presented in court.

Kayla Lynn Laboucan, 33, of Whitefish Lake, was handed a global sentence of five days in jail after pleading guilty to threats causing bodily harm or death, breach of probation and failing to comply with release conditions.
She was given credit for time already served in custody.
Court heard Laboucan was in an argument with two people when she threatened them with two threats to burn down their house and a threat “I’ll kill you”, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta-Ndu said.
Justice S.P. Hinkley rebuked her for her threats.
“These are people trying to help you,” he said.
“That’s not how to treat people,” he added.
Laboucan breached probation when she failed to complete treatment as directed, the Crown added.
Lawyer Derek Renzini noted that was the time during COVID-19 restrictions and it was difficult getting residential treatment.
Laboucan failed to comply with release conditions when she did not report to her bail supervisor and Atikameg Health Centre as directed numerous times, the Crown added.

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