Court Docket – Man fails to register as a sex offender

H.P. court docket
Feb. 26, 2024
Justice S.P. Hinkley

A man who failed to register himself in a sex offender registry will spend more time behind bars.
Dennis Andrew Sawan, 46, of Whitefish Lake, was handed a global sentence of 40 days after pleading guilty in High Prairie Court of Justice Feb. 26 to failing to comply with courts orders, resisting a peace officer and failing to appear in court
Sawan was given credit for 35 days already served in the Peace River Correctional Centre.
Court heard Sawan failed to register for the National Sex Offender Registry as required, Crown prosecutor Alex Granley student-at-large told court.
Sawan also resisted police when he was inside an Atikameg residence when police came to the door, Granley added. Granley was sitting at a table and tried to hide his face with his hat. When police approached him, he first refused to move and then starting pulling away from the officers.
Sawan also used vulgar language when he spoke to police.
To worsen matters, Sawan also failed to appear in court for court on a docket day.

Matthew Coughlan, 39, of no fixed address, was sentenced to 65 days in jail after pleading guilty to breaching of a peace bond.
The charge arose after Coughlan breached an order than prohibited him from being within 25 metres of a named female in High Prairie or her residence, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
Coughlan was standing outside the residence for several minutes, the Crown added. He was on a peace bond for 12 months at the time.
Coughlans’ lawyer, Derek Renzini, spoke in court for his client. He said Coughlan is dealing with mental health issues and taking steps to deal with the issue.
Justice S.P. Hinkley is pleased Coughlan is working to overcome his issues.
“I’m glad you’re starting to find some help.”
Coughlan was credited for 33 days already served in the Peace River Correctional Centre.

Conway Blake Laboucan, 36, of Whitefish Lake, was handed a global sentence of 115 days after pleading guilty to three counts of failing to comply with conditions.
He was given credit for time already served and released.
Court heard Laboucan breached orders when he failed to complete residential treatment after he was released from jail. He also failed to report his probation officer and he breached another order to have no contact with a named person and not be near a designated residence, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
Justice S.P. Hinkley accepted a joint submission for sentencing from the Crown and Laboucan’s lawyer, Olivia Manzer.
“He finally recognizes the issue of failing to comply,” Manzer said.

Chelsey Tina Anne Anderson, 26, of Whitefish Lake, was handed a global sentence of 18 days after pleading guilty to operating a motor vehicle while prohibited, breach of probation and failing to comply with court orders.
Anderson breached orders when she failed to report to her probation officer in person and by telephone.
Justice S.P. Hinkley reminds her about court orders.
“You’ve got to follow court orders or face the consequences,” Justice Hinkley said.
“She has to do better to follow court orders,” he added.

Leonard Junior Anderson, of Gift Lake, was fined $1,000 after pleading guilty to impaired driving.
The charge arose after High Prairie RCMP responded to a report of an impaired driver on a quad, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada told court.
Anderson blew breath samples of 130 mg at the detachment, the Crown added.
Anderson, who had no criminal record, was also suspended from driving any motor vehicle for one year.
During sentencing, Justice S.P. Hinkley agreed with the Crown’s recommendation for sentence.
“The Crown has taken a very even-handed approach,” he noted.
Anderson was also sentenced to one day in jail for failing to appear for his trial. He was given credit for the sentence by his appearance in court to plead guilty.

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