Court Docket – Judge says man’s life has ‘fallen off the rails’

H.P. court docket
April 4, 2022
Judge G.W. Paul

A young man in trouble with the law was sent to jail for a week and will have to pay $2,800 in fines after pleading guilty to other charges.
William McLeod, 28, was sentenced to seven days in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of failing to comply with release conditions when he appeared in High Prairie provincial court April 4.
Court heard McLeod breached an order that banned him from possessing or using weapons which resulted in the first charge. While being taking into custody during an incident, police found a three-inch knife in his pocket, Crown prosecutor Sheen Kachroo said.
During another incident, he breached his approved residence condition. McLeod was supposed to be at an approved residence in Peavine in custody 24 hours a day but was located in High Prairie, the Crown said.
Judge G.W. Paul agreed with the joint submission for sentencing from the Crown and Derek Renzini, the lawyer for McLeod.
“He has shown complete disregard for court orders,” said Judge Paul, after he reviewed McLeod’s criminal record.
“His life has fallen off the rails.”
Judge Paul noted McLeod even gave a false address.
Renzini agreed with the judge’s comments about McLeod.
“Clearly, he has done fairly poorly on release conditions,” Renzini said.
McLeod was sentenced to seven days in jail on the first failing to comply, breach, the second is to be served concurrently.
It was not the end to McLeod’s legal troubles. He was fined a total of $2,800 after pleading guilty to five other charges.
He was fined $1,000 for resisting a peace officer. The charge arose after McLeod refused to put his hands behind his back when the officer was attempting to arrest him. The Crown added McLeod backed away as the officer said he was under arrest.
He was also fined $500 for failing to comply with release conditions. McLeod was seen by police outside his residence during a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., the Crown submitted.
“Mr. McLeod claimed he had permission from his probation officer to be out,” Kachroo said but, it was not true.
McLeod was then was fined $600 for failing to comply with release conditions after he failed to complete treatment and failed to report to his probation officer by telephone as directed, the Crown said.
He was fined $500 for resisting a peace officer and $200 for failing to comply with conditions for breaching his house arrest.
During another incident, McLeod gave an address to probation [allegedly in Gift Lake] that did not exist, the Crown said. McLeod than claimed the address was no longer available to him and provided a different address in Peavine.
About two months later, police observed McLeod walking in High Prairie on 51 St., the Crown said. McLeod evaded arrest by running away from the officer twice and attempted a third time before finally being arrested.
“He began to run when he was located by the RBC bank and then taken into custody by Prairie River Manor,” Kachroo told court.
Judge Paul ordered McLeod to pay the fines by Jan. 9, 2023.

Tracy Wright, 25, of Edmonton, was sentenced to six days in custody after pleading guilty to failing to comply with release conditions.
Court heard she breached her conditions when she was away from her home on a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. and for failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, Crown prosecutor Sheen Kachroo told court.
Wright was intoxicated in a Desmarais residence and was asked to leave.
“She refused to the leave the residence,” Crown said.
Wright got a ride to Desmarais and she went to a residence, duty counsel Harry Jong said. She was intoxicated in the home and the owner asked her to leave. The person who gave her a ride left the residence and Wright behind.
“She refused to leave because she didn’t know where to go,” the Crown said.
Wright was given credit for time already served in custody and released.

Ryan Keith Cunning- ham, 44, was fined $300, plus a victim fine surcharge of $90, after pleading guilty to failing to comply with release conditions.
“He failed to report to his bail supervisor,” Judge G.W. Paul noted during sentencing.
Judge Paul agreed to a joint submission for sentence from Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson and duty counsel Harry Jong.

Jake Lamouche was fined $345 after pleading guilty to driving a motor vehicle without authorization.
Time to pay the fine was granted to Oct. 2.

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