Court Docket – Judge rejects joint submission, jails woman

H.P. court docket
March 6, 2023
Judge S.P. Hinkley

A young High Prairie woman is spending another three months in jail for stealing a vehicle and breaching release conditions.
Shanelle Rosychuk, 24, was handed a global sentence of 120 days in jail after pleading guilty to theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of failing to comply with release conditions when she appeared March 6 in High Prairie provincial court for sentencing.
She was given 18 days credit for time served.
Earlier, Rosychuk pleaded guilty in court Feb. 27 to the charges before her. At the time, Judge S.P. Hinkley rejected a joint submission from Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka and Rosychuk’s lawyer, Harry Jong, who recommended a conditional sentence, not jail time.
However, March 6, Judge Hinkley decided jail was warranted for a serious crime such as theft of a vehicle.
“People can get hurt,” Judge Hinkley said after the joint submission was presented.
The charges arose after Rosychuk stole a vehicle that was parked outside Brandy’s Pub & Grill in High Prairie. The male owner of the vehicle chased the thief.
“He tried to stop her,” the Crown said.
Rosychuk was on release conditions that banned her from being in a vehicle without the registered owner being in the driver’s seat, the Crown added.
The Crown did credit Rosychuk for an early guilty plea.
“This is her first opportunity to make a guilty plea,” Shapka told court.
“She is taking responsibility.”
Jong replied Rosychuk is addicted to heroin, meth and alcohol and is seeking a treatment program.
“She wants to change her life around,” Jong said.
The judge commended Rosychuk for taking steps toward rehabilitation.
“If you do not change, you will leave your family and children behind you,” Judge Hinkley said.

Leonard Joseph Cardinal 42, of Sucker Creek, was sentenced to 16 months in jail after pleading guilty to assault causing bodily harm.
Cardinal, who was earlier found guilty at a trial, was given 15 months credit for time served.
Court heard the female victim sustained bruising on the side of her body, Judge Hinkley noted during sentencing.
No further details about the incident were disclosed.
Judge Hinkley ordered Cardinal to provide a DNA sample as part of his sentence.
He added Cardinal has a serious criminal record.
“An aggravating factor is his prior record of violence,” he noted.
Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson agreed.
“He moves toward more violent offences,” Hudson said.
“Sometimes he has to take ownership of his behaviour.”
Lawyer Harry Jong spoke for Cardinal in court and said is client does not want to continue a relationship with the female.
“He wants to start a new life,” Jong said.
The judge was pleased to hear Cardinal want to turn his life around.
“It is commendable you want to do better,” Judge Hinkley said.

Jeremy Daniel Willier was fined $3,000 after he pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle without insurance.
Judge S.P. Hinkley ordered him to pay the fine by Oct. 31.

Robert Sebastien Giroux was fined $200 after he pleaded guilty to failing to appear in court.
He failed to appear for a docket day, Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka revealed.
Judge S.P. Hinkley ordered Giroux to pay the fine by April 17.

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