Court Docket – “I’m going to do better now,” accused tells court

H.P. court docket
Dec. 6, 2021
Judge D.R. Shynkar

A young man from Gift Lake will be spending more time in jail after pleading guilty to several charges.
Maxwell Russell Anderson, 31, was handed a global sentence of 70 days after pleading guilty in High Prairie provincial court Dec. 6 to possessing a prohibited firearm, and obstructing a peace officer.
Anderson was given 68 days credit for time already served. He appeared from the Edmonton Remand Centre.
Anderson was in possession of two rounds of 22 ammunition when he was stopped by Desmarais RCMP, said Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka.
He also identified himself with a wrong name, the Crown added.
“These [two charges] are taken seriously,” Shapka told court.
The arrest did not take long. The officer recognized the name and the face didn’t match.
“He knew the male was not that person,” Shapka said.
Court heard Anderson was prohibited from unrestricted firearms for 10 years at the time.
As part of his sentence, Judge D.R. Shynkar also handed Anderson a lifetime ban on all firearms.
Anderson also dealt with several other crimes. He was fined $200 after pleading guilty to shoplifting under $5,000. The charge arose Anderson stole a bottle of liquor from the High Prairie Liquor Depot, Shapka told court.
Surveillance video identified Anderson as the suspect, Shapka told court.
Anderson was also fined $500 for failing to appear in court and $150 on a second count of failing to appear in court.
Anderson admits he has problems and is eager to move on to with a life free of crime and addictions.
“I’m going to do better now,” Anderson told court.
Anderson’s lawyer, Derek Renzini, added his client has struggled with addictions.
“His addictions are part and parcel with his criminal record.”
On a final matter, Anderson was fined $200 for possession of a controlled substance.
The charge arose after police responded to a call from a woman who reported a suspicious male near a residence, said federal Crown prosecutor Cameron McCoy.
After searching Anderson, police found one gram of methamphetamine in a small plastic baggie and a meth pipe.
“He showed signs of impairment,” McCoy said.
“It concerned a resident that she called police.”
Anderson was also fined $300 each for four counts of failing to appear in court. All were for docket days.

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    Megan Lee Mountain, of Beaverlodge, was fined $500 after pleading guilty to taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent, $300 for theft under $5,000, $300 for possession of a prohibited weapon and $200 each on two counts of failing to appear in court.
    Mountain stole vehicle keys from her cousin on Jan, 15, 2020 and drove away in the vehicle the next day, Crown prosecutor Kelly Payne said.
    “She pushed the vehicle out of the driveway.”
    The next day, Mountain took the vehicle without the owner’s permission.
    “She drove away from the residence,” Payne told court.
    Mountain was also sentenced to one day in jail for failing to comply with an undertaking for no contact.
    Coufrt heard police responded to a call from a female who reported that Mountain was at her residence against her court order.
    “The accused was inside her home, shouting and arguing,” Payne said.
    Mountain was given credit for the jail time.
    Lawyer Derek Renzini appeared with her in court to deal with the charges.
    During the investigation, police found a spring-loaded baton in Mountain’s possession.
    Judge D.R. Shynkar supported the joint submission for sentencing from Renzini and Payne.
    Judge Shynkar ordered Mountain to pay the fines by June 3, 2022.

Jared Calliou, 41, of Peavine, was ordered to serve the rest of his sentence in jail after pleading guilty to breaching his conditional sentence order while serving time in the community.
“He didn’t report to his release supervisor,” duty counsel Harry Jong told court.
As a result, Judge D.R. Shynkar collapsed the order.
Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka told court Calliou has 17 days remaining in his sentence, which he is now serving at the Edmonton Remand Centre.
Calliou told court he is committed to getting out of a life of crime and alcohol addictions.
“When he gets out of jail, he wants to get treatment for his addictions,” Jong said.

Glenna Rachel Ward was fined $300, plus a $60 victim fine surcharge, after pleading guilty to driving a motor vehicle while unauthorized.
She doesn’t have a driver’s licence and she drove in the Joussard area to get some groceries for her children and got stopped by the police, duty counsel Harry Jong said.
Judge D.R. Shynkar reminded Ward she needs to have a licence to drive.
“You have to find someone else to get you around,” Judge Shynkar said.
He ordered Ward to pay the fine by June 3, 2022.

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