Court Docket – ‘I want to break the cycle,’ woman tells court

H.P. court docket
June 20, 2022
Judge S.P. Hinkley

A young woman is eager to put her life of addictions and crime behind her and move forward.
Kassey-Fae Cote, 30, was sentenced to probation for nine months after she pleaded in High Prairie provincial court June 20 to two counts of threats causing death or bodily harm.
Cote was also sentenced to seven days on each count but credited for time already served in custody.
In one incident, court heard she threatened to kill two people in a Facebook message, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
Cote was carrying a large knife in the other incident in Atikameg where she threatened a 15-year-old male.
“She was extremely intoxicated,” the Crown said.
Cote’s lawyer, Harry Jong, agreed there was more involved.
“She was intoxicated during these offenses,” Jong said.
Judge S.P. Hinkley accepted the joint submission for sentencing from the Crown and Jong.
Meanwhile, the accused was apologetic for her actions.
“She is remorseful,” Jong said.
“She’s dry and she’s not happy with her situation.”
The young woman is taking steps to turn her life around and overcome influences Indian residential school have had on her relatives.
“I want to break the cycle,” Cote said.
She does not want her children to have a similar life of crime she has had.
The judge encouraged her.
“She wants to take appropriate measures,” Judge Hinkley said.
“You want to see a way out.”
During probation, Cote was ordered to have no contact with the named victims and banned from any firearms or weapons. She is also required to complete assessment, counselling and treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Cote must file proof of completing treatment by the end of the seventh month and was ordered to provide a DNA sample.
Cote was also fined $200 each on three counts of failing to appear in court.
All three were docket days, the Crown alleged.
Hinkley considered the fines paid by her time served in custody.

Jeffrey Stecik was fined $100 after pleading guilty for breaching a protection order for no contact.
He communicated improperly by email, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson told court.
Police received a report from his female spouse who said he was sending “harassing” email messages, the Crown said.
“He was allowed to email her only for matters related to their children,” Crown added.
Stecik admitted his breach.
“He is remorseful,” said Cheryl Kachuk, criminal courtworker with Native Counselling Services of Alberta.
Stecik was further warned by the Crown.
“If it happens again, he will get jail time,” Hudson said.

Cody Allan Willier, was sentenced to probation for three months after he pleaded guilty to mischief involving interference with property.
He was found inside a resident intoxicated and unconscious, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
“He did no harm,” he added.
Willlier’s lawyer, Will Willier, said the accused was in a cabin.
“It was cold outside,” lawyer Willier said.
Judge S.P. Hinkley also gave the accused at $100 victim fine surcharge and deemed probation served by the surcharge paid.
Willier was ordered to pay the surcharge by July 31.

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