Court Docket – Double trouble!

H.P. court docket
March 25, 2024
Justice J. Maher

A Driftpile man will be digging deeper into his pockets to pay more than $2,500 in fines after pleading guilty to two driving charges.
Tyler Hays Laboucan was fined $2,500 for driving a motor vehicle without insurance and $324 for driving a vehicle while failing to hold a valid operator’s licence, in High Prairie Court of Justice on March 25.
Court heard Laboucan was driving another person’s vehicle when he was stopped by police, duty counsel Harry Jong told court.
“He learned his lesson,” Jong said.
Justice J. Maher agreed.
“The next time you want to drive somebody else’s vehicle, make sure the vehicle has valid insurance,” Justice Maher said as he addressed Laboucan.
“You learn something new everyday.”
He ordered Laboucan to pay the fine by Aug. 27.

James Harold Schafer- Ominayak was fined $345 after pleading guilty in court to driving a motor vehicle while unauthorized.
Justice J. Maher ordered him to pay the fine by July 29.

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