County writes off taxes

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County has taken just over $11,000 in unpaid property taxes off the books.
At its regular meeting Aug. 10, council approved a recommendation to write off uncollectible taxes totalling $11,421.26.
“There’s no other option,” says Dave Reynolds, director of corporate services.
Big Lakes sold 33 county-owned properties June 15, in which four tax rolls were unpaid, he says.
“Once the proceeds of the auction were transferred to the county, they were used to pay down any outstanding debts recorded against the property, with the balance of funds remaining for county operations,” Reynolds says. “Out of all the properties sold in the auction, there were four properties that remain with an outstanding balance, as the value received from the auction, was less than the current debt associated with each property.”
Uncollectible taxes of $8,932.18 on one property and $2,445.22 for another include outstanding water bills, Reynolds says.

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