County welcomes new ag fieldman

Dylan Fath

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County welcomes Dylan Fath as its new agricultural field- man.
“I want to provide value to the community,” says Fath, who started June 1.
“My time as an agriculture policy analyst with the provincial government is a great asset when working on new policy, programs and advocacy work for the county.”
He has worked in the agricultural field for about 10 years in Alberta and British Columbia in a variety of aspects.
Most recently, he was a field research co-ordina- tor at the University of Alberta Farm for the wheat-breeding program.
“A career as an agricultural fieldman is a shift into a new career path for me,” Fath says.
“I am thrilled for the opportunity to add a new aspect of providing service to the agricultural community in our province.”
He has a passion to enhance agriculture.
“From a legislative perspective, and my roles as a weed and pest inspector, that means contributing to keep disease and weed issues from impeding the health and productivity of our crops,” Fath says.
“From a programming perspective, it will be to offer a range of agricultural and environmental skills and programs.”
He welcomes the opportunity to return to a rural region in his new role.
“A day in the life can have you responding to an area of problem weeds in the county, working on broad issues like veterinary access in the region, and then looking at means of supporting farmer-directed approaches to managing watershed health,” Fath says.
“My family and I have been looking to move back into a rural community and the mix of farmland, forest and and abundance of water in Big Lakes County is a win for us.”
He planted career roots in the agricultural field first in horticultural ground crops and orchards in southern British Columbia before he moved on to work in the dairy industry.
Contact Fath at [780] 523-5955.

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