County supports carbon tax exemption

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Farmers in the High Prairie region are getting local support for proposed federal legislation which would exempt them from carbon tax for some farm activities.
At its regular meeting May 25, Big Lakes County council approved a letter to federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbault to support proposed Bill C-234.
The Bill would exempt the carbon tax for natural gas and propane used on the farm for grain drying, heating and cooling livestock barns and greenhouses, steam flaking and irrigation, said Brett Hawken, director of community and protective services.
He told council the recommendation to write a letter to the minister was approved by the agricultural advisory committee at its meeting April 14.
“Big Lakes County wishes to add its support of Bill C-234 to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Act, which received first reading on Feb. 7,” Reeve Robert Nygaard writes in the letter.
“The current pricing currently attached to to the natural gas and propane used to dry grain is negatively impacting producers who are already struggling with higher input costs and lower yields.”
He adds the exemption would benefit producers.
“Grains that are not able to be stored at correct moisture levels are a serious risk to a grain farming operation,” Nygaard writes.
“Not only do farmers face the risk of spoilage in the grain, but the spoilage of the grain can also cause it to heat and ignite, resulting in the loss of farm infrastructure,” he writes.

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