Countdown to horseshoe championships begins

High Prairie Horseshoe Club president Ray Prevost, left, throws a horseshoe at the 2019 High Prairie Open on Sept. 14-15. Beside him is Cindy Ekkel, who was the president of the Alberta Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association at the time. Prevost looks forward to the Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships Aug. 17-20 and the Western Canada Horseshoe Classic Aug. 13-14 in High Prairie.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Organizers are counting down the days to two major horseshoe pitching tournaments in High Prairie in August.
The Canadian Horseshoe Pitching Championships are set for Aug. 17-20 under the Horseshoe Canada Association [HCA].
Co-hosted by the High Prairie Horseshoe Club and the Alberta Horseshoe Pitching Association [AHPA], the event will be held in the Sports Palace and the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre.
The championship tournament follows the Western Canada Horseshoe Classic on Aug. 13-14.
High Prairie club president Ray Prevost says hosting both events is a big opportunity for the local community.
“It will be the first Canadian championship event [in any sport] held in High Prairie,” Prevost says.
“We hope to get 150 competitors for each tournament.”
Interest for the national tournament is growing.
We’re getting lots of registrations from Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick,” Prevost says.
The deadline to register is July 20.
Anyone from ages six to seniors is eligible to compete in both tournaments.
Deadline to register for the Western Classic is Aug. 10.
“If we get more local people registering, we can reach our goal,” Prevost says.
Players of all skill levels are welcome.
“We’ve had a pretty good turnout of younger and local players in our High Prairie tournaments, so we hope to attract more in both upcoming tournaments,” Prevost says.
Big bucks will be at stake in the national tournament as the High Prairie club and the AHPA have collected $20,000 in added prize money, Prevost says.
Registration fees of $40 will also be added to the pot.
Added prize money of $4,000 is up for grabs in the Western Canada Classic, he says.
The community is behind the national tournament.
“We’re getting lots of support for sponsorships and other donations,” Prevost says.
“We are very grateful for all the support.
“Without the support, we couldn’t host such a major event.”
Spectators are welcome to the championship tournament that will kick off with opening ceremonies on Aug. 17 before the competition begins.
A silent auction and 50-50 draws will also be held to raise funds and a banquet is also planned for both tournaments.
Volunteers are also needed for the events.
To register, support the tournaments or for more information, phone Prevost at [780] 523-0369.

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