Council opts for part-time admin assistant

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Deeming the work in the Town of McLennan office to be too much for the CAO to handle alone, council is proceeding with hiring a part-time administrative assistant.

Advertising for the position begins immediately and involves a three-day work week from Monday to Wednesday at seven hours per day.

Mayor Michele Fournier asked CAO Lorraine Willier if she could handle the office duties alone.

“We do need that other person,” she said, asking that the position be full-time.

“You don’t think a three-day week would suffice?” asked Councillor Sue Delaurier.

Council was also worried about what would happen if Willier got sick, and also questioned about the current CAO cross-training the chosen individual, which they were advised would occur. They also agreed they would like to see the position as part-time for now.

“It’s tough to find someone [part-time] but we can try,” said Willier.

The individual hired will be on probation for three months.

Fournier and Willier will do the interviewing and hiring.

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