Council OKs much-needed fire equipment

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Some excess money not used for training in 2021 will allow the High Prairie Fire Department to buy some much-needed equipment.
Council approved at its Dec. 14 meeting a motion to allow the department to buy an Alberta First Responder Communications System radio for the new engine and a cordless positive pressure fan for smoke removal.
Council heard the radio was not ordered when the new engine was purchased; therefore, the new truck is operating on the legacy system and should be updated to ensure proper communication occurs at all times.
The pressure fan is used to remove smoke from structures after a fire or smoke event.
“It is critical to evacuate smoke as fast as possible to reduce smoke damage to contents and structure, reads a report to council.
“These newer fans are cordless that allows faster deployment, move considerably more air than the fan we presently have, and doesn’t produce CO like gas engines we have. There have been significant improvements in fans since 1980.”
Councillor Judy Stenhouse questioned why a new truck was ordered without the radio. She heard each truck is built differently so each truck may need a different radio.
Councillor Sacha Martens asked why there was not a complete cost breakdown when the truck was ordered, including the radio.
“Exactly,” said Stenhouse.
“He [fire chief Trevor Cisaroski] wasn’t here when [the truck[ was ordered,” replied CAO Rod Risling.
Council nor the fire department will need any extra money since it carries over from the 2021 budget.

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