Council increases spending limit

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Northern Sunrise County administration presented its council with amendments to Bylaw B426/23 Credit Card Borrowing Law to increase its credit limit.

The total limit of the County’s current credit cards is $55,000 and administration has set the bylaw to increase the limit to $75,000.

“The County was required to create a Credit Card Borrowing Bylaw as per the Municipal Government Act,” explains Reeve Corinna Williams.

“The increase in the original amount was simply for administrative ease.”

Credit cards are utilized by administration for previously approved purchases for day-to-day operations of the County.

“This allows flexibility if the need arises to use the credit card once approved,” explains Williams.

Council approved both first and second reading of the bylaw amendments.

Administration will bring the bylaw back to council for third and final reading on June 27 at its regular meeting.

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