Council finds sponsor for barbecue

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The annual Seniors’ Week barbecue hosted by the Town of High Prairie during non-COVID pandemic years came to within an eyelash of being cancelled this year.
Council decided at its May 24 meeting to not hold the barbecue but a request after the meeting to Green for Life Environmental to sponsor the barbecue saved the celebration.
At the meeting, council first proclaimed Seniors Week June 6-10. They also agreed to hold the barbecue from 11:30-1:30 p.m. in the Sports Palace parking lot.
“It’s something we’ve done before,” said Mayor Brian Panasiuk.
The suggestion did not sit well with at least one councillor.
“We don’t have to have a barbecue,” said Councillor Judy Stenhouse.
“We can come up with something else.”
“What are you suggesting?” asked Panasiuk.
Stenhouse suggested talking with FCSS to see if they could co-sponsor the event.
Later, council later discovered they had no money left in their sponsorship budget, prompting its cancellation.
But during debate on another matter later in the meeting, Councillor James Waikle suggested Green for Life sponsor the barbecue.
“I love it,” replied Councillor Sacha Martens.
The matter arose during discussion when council heard Green for Life refunded council three month’s credit for not recycling glass as promised in their contract. It is not known how long glass was not being recycled but Waikle said it was at least since he last served on council. Waikle has now stated during two council meetings that glass was not being recycled when he last served on council. He was defeated in the October 2013 election.
“Maybe we can shame them,” said Waikle.
“I think they’d jump at that,” he added.
The four bins cost $610.25 per month with half the cost paid by Big Lakes County as specified in the contract, said interim CAO Brian Martinson in an email after the meeting.
After the meeting, Green for Life approved the request, estimated to cost $1,500.

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