Council denies rezoning

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A proposal to redistrict land in Kinuso to allow a local woman to operate a retail business in her home has been turned down by Big Lakes County council.

At its regular meeting June 14, council defeated third reading of land-use bylaw 10-2023 to redistrict Plan 2080NY-, Block 5, Lot 5 in Kinuso to hamlet mixed use from hamlet residential.

The decision came after a public hearing at the meeting.

“We did not receive any submissions,” said Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.

Council received an application from Debra Jackson to redistrict the land.

“The applicant was operating a convenience retail store from her residence without an approved development permit and was asked to cease operations in October 2022,” Olansky explained at the council meeting April 26.

The general purpose of hamlet mixed use is to allow compatible residential and commercial land uses within the same area.

Olansky noted that convenience retail services are permitted in the hamlet mixed use but not in hamlet residential.

Jackson makes and sells jewelry and sewing items. She would like to have a small store in the mudroom of her house where she can sell her crafts, along with some snacks.

Convenience retail services is defined in the land-use bylaw as development used for the retail sale of those goods required by area residents or employees on a day-to-day basis from business premises that do no exceed 270 square metres (2,960 square feet) in gross floor area.

Typical uses include small food stores, drug stores and variety stores selling confectionery, tobacco, groceries, beverages, pharmaceutical and personal care items, hardware or printed matters.

“This use is neither permitted or discretionary in the hamlet residential district,” Olansky said.

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