Coronavirus examined at Vanier science fair

Hailee Campbell, Grade 7, left, and Mylee Bellefleur, Grade 7, show their project Rock Candy.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Students at Georges P. Vanier School in Donnelly were in the spotlight at the school’s annual junior high school science fair Feb. 27.

A total of 44 projects were presented by Grade 7-8 students, says science teacher Parker Bonnah, who co-ordina- ted the event.

“We had a lot of variety of projects, some topics I hadn’t seen before,” Bonnah says.

Many of the projects were done in pairs.

Students were encouraged to complete a project in three categories.

“They could do an experiment, an innovation to create a new invention or improve on something that already exists, or a research project,” Bonnah says.

The top three projects in Grade 7 and in Grade 8 qualified for the Peace Regional Science Fair set for March 19-20 in Peace River at the Belle Petroleum Centre from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Several projects were intriguing.

Kristin Prellwitz and Shaina Genuino presented a timely project Coronavirus: A Pandemic or Under Control?

The Grade 7 students examined the novel coronovirus that started in China in December with cases reported in almost 50 countries around the world.

“We wanted to educate ourselves and others about coronavirus and inform the school about the odds of dying from it,” Prellwitz says.

Their research indicates people in the Peace are not high risk for the disease.

“To sum it up, it is most likely under control and we should not be worried,” Genuino says.

“We are pretty safe in rural Alberta, so we will probably survive.”

How Gender Affects People’s Favourite Colour was studied by Allissa Morris and Nathaniel Reid, both in Grade 8.

“It was something I was thinking about and it would be interesting to know,” says Reid.

They found their results from a questionnaire completed by five girls and five boys.

While blue was by far the favourite colour for boys, the result for girls was not as decisive.

Girls liked red, blue and other colours.

Grade 8 students Lisa Roth and Emma Koecchl researched How Smell Affects Taste.

“We wanted to find out if it was actually true if you plugged your nose,” Koechl says.

They compiled their results after a taste test which included a cookie, an onion and an orange slice.

“If you smell the food, then you will be able to taste it better than if you plug you nose and eat,” Roth says.

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