Community support still needed for Centre Chevalier building repairs

An upstairs room at the Centre Chevaliers that suffered considerable water damage.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

In the July 31 edition of the Smoky River Express, a story titled “Centre Chevalier needs community support with building repairs” mistakenly stated that the centre received compensation from the insurance company to fix water damage to the interior of the building, but that it was necessary to fix the exterior before spending those funds on the inside.

In fact, the insurance company will not release the funds for the interior renovations until Centre Chevaliers fixes the source of the water damage outside.

On that matter of the exterior work, some positive developments have transpired in the interim, with the Centre Chevaliers receiving confirmation on August 1, that its $62,000 Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant application was successful.

With an additional $5,000 found and another $25,000 pending, the Centre Chevaliers now needs $27,400 to begin work on the exterior of the building.

However, Centre Chevaliers is still reaching out to businesses and individuals in the community asking them to donate funds towards the maintenance of the building.

The centre is also continuing its appeal to local trades’ people to donate their time and skills towards fixing some of the immediate problems.

For those who want to help, August is an ideal time to work on repairs, as the centre has no bookings throughout the month.

Anyone wishing to contribute funds towards the maintenance of the Centre Chevaliers or donate their time and expertise should call Esther Picard at 780-837.6704 or send an email to

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