Commentary – Two evils, and that’s that

Jeff Burgar
Probably, most senior citizens don’t think of themselves as “Grouchy Grannies,” or “Old Curmudgeons.” Stuck in their ways, with rarely a smile on their face.

Especially, I don’t think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump see themselves that way. Heck, even that old geezer Bernie Sanders, almost 80 years old, probably thinks he is still half spring-chicken.

But you know something? Hillary is a Grouchy Grannie. She scowls, rolls her eyes, tut tuts, and when she smiles, it is usually because something bad has happened to Donald. And Donald? As described by many including Conrad Black, Donald is vintage, old goat, American blowhard. A true Curmudgeon.

Neither of these candidates to be American president is qualified for the job. Name it. Traits, knowledge, skills, abilities, qualities – anything in fact! Both candidates are so, so very wrong.

Hillary Clinton is probably deserving of jail. There are many reasons why, ranging from her days in Arkansas to her days as wife of president of Bill Clinton, to her fundraising and foundation, to her lies and deceit over Benghazi right up to her secret emails.

Donald Trump is probably deserving of jail. There are many reasons why, ranging across all of his business deals, his probable hiring of illegal immigrants, his own foundation, to his alleged sexual misbehaviours. And that comb-over!?

Now, I have to say, I am irked at times. I don’t look like Santa Claus. I have no hair. I do not care if I am called “over the hill.” I wear glasses. And it bothers me male politicians in Canada and America put on a pedestal when they have “the look.” Youngish. Fit. Handsome. Bouffants of hair. Towering height. But that’s just males. But females? It is the rare, good looking, physically perfect, ready for television female who is not instantly labeled as an empty-headed bimbo. Very rare indeed. The Angela Merkels, Maggie Thatchers and Hillary Clintons of the world fit in just fine in politics. But not so much the Vladimir Putins and Bernie Sanders. Isn’t that interesting?

It’s like reverse sexism. Guys should look “presidential” or “prime ministerial.” Gals? The opposite, Or what?

In any case, both Clinton and Trump have passed this completely and nonsensical “pretty boy” or “stern female” smell test. But have we deeply examined their real capabilities and qualities, trying to find some good? Or did we just become mired down in revelations that by themselves should disqualify both? ln my mind, neither should be preseident. Not even close.

But, in a week, one will indeed be president of the United States. Being a senior citizen, grouches and curmudgeons notwithstanding, we mostly relax with age. I don’t think the world will end. But, either one of the candidates is quite capable, and either stupid enough, or criminal enough, to head us in that direction.

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