Commentary – Trying to find bigfoot and little green men

Chris Clegg

Last week in this space, Joe McWilliams wrote about Bigfoot. I share his fascination about the possibility of big hairy apes roaming the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Did you know bigfoot sightings have also occurred in Florida and the Appalachian Mountains? Bigfoot apparently gets around.

It seems ridiculous to believe even one exists. I mean, no solid evidence yet. Perhaps Bigfoot sightings, pink elephants, and three-legged men only appear at the same time the local bar closes.

It brings me to the subject of UFOs. Millions of people believe men from outer space are spying on us as we speak. Some believe the human race is merely an experiment gone horribly bad, and that little green men will eventually save us when man is on the brink of total destruction. Earth. The ultimate Petri dish! How insulting is that!

Personally, I hope so, because humans can’t be counted on. Just look at all the crackpots running different countries, no names mentioned. Add to that the clown fools running other countries, no names mentioned. It’s a recipe for disaster like letting the fox guard the henhouse.

If you are religious and believe God created the one and only world we live in, stop right now and flip the page.

However, if not, let’s examine the possibilities. Earth is in the Milky Way Galaxy. It includes an estimated 100 billion stars. The Milky Way is one of an estimated two trillion galaxies in the universe. Taking trillions of galaxies, and billions of stars in each galaxy, and planets around same said stars, the probably this “accident” we call life on Earth has occurred somewhere else is astronomically high.

Logically, we can assume there are millions, if not billions, of planets where life is not as advanced as us. We can assume there are the same number of planets where life is far more advanced. Hence, we have the explorers we call aliens or little green men.

Earth has not produced its true Capt. James T. Kirk and, remember, he was severely outmatched in more than one place he visited.

Mankind’s space age has advanced tremendously since the first project, where the main propulsion device on the first rocket malfunctioned. The rubber band broke!

And what form would life on other planets exist? We can only guess. Our scientists tell us carbon is the basis of all life. Actually, to be more correct, it is the basis of all life as we know it. Big, big difference!

Science fiction has depicted alien life in just about every form imaginable. Makes for great theater, doesn’t it? Aliens must be “messing themselves” with laughter as they observe how humans depict them. We all know how superior humans view inferiors. Not too much compassion most of the time, I’m afraid.

But we continue to try.

Meanwhile, mankind is continually evolving into a bigger, more powerful species as time moves forward. People are stronger and faster, and medicine is making us live longer and healthier lives. How far can it go? No one knows.

Bigger? Stronger? Faster? Sounds like bigfoot to me!

It must be true!

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