Commentary – Trouble brews when minds collide

Chris Clegg

The war of words between common citizens, politicians and scientists continues over the COVID pandemic.

It should be no surprise to anyone I am not an expert on this matter. I have no significant training in the medical field, nor am I full of enough BS [cough, cough!] to be a politician. I want to offer another point of view – one I have not read anywhere.

I think we all need to sit down as a world society and examine why this has happened. Not why diseases occur, but why there is such a varying public view on COVID. Some believe it is the end-all of the world while others scoff it off as just another flu. It does no one any good.

Why has this happened? Put personal bias aside and look at it from a logical point of view.

There are many, many reputable scientists and health organizations who view COVID as serious. There are also many, many other organizations who view it as not so serious. In effect, it is, to put it bluntly, another disease that preys on the very young, sick or elderly. It is nature’s way.

As human beings, we have made astounding advancements in the field of medicine, and life expectancies are rising. The fact the average age of COVID victims in Alberta exceeds life expectancy is a stat that bears watching.

However, and I get it, it is meaningless fact to a family with a sick parent in their nineties.

COVID is confusing. There is so much information in the news and on social media – yes, people rely on the unreliable social media – to get their information.

What should be alarming is the medical community cannot agree on the severity of COVID, and that leads to mass public confusion. We have many of the brightest minds on the planet in the medical profession. Yet, they cannot agree. In itself, that is disturbing, and the root of the problem.

Along comes the media, reporting everyone’s viewpoint. A frustrated public gets confused, or at the very best, finds it far too easy to find someone to support their uninformed point of view while ignoring others.

What results is the public has to rely on the health professionals. Again, even they cannot agree. Yikes!

Imagine coming back to Earth after being absent for one year and looking down on what is happening. How can one determine what is right and what is wrong with so many different opinions? It’s like climate change. Who the heck is right? History may prove either side right.

What we do know is people are dying. How severe is this COVID pandemic when it is over is to be determined.

Some people are starting to tune out Alberta chief medical officer of health Deena Hinshaw’s advice. The numbers are growing. She doesn’t help her case when she repeats, “We’re all in this together” because we are not. Medically, perhaps, but economically, no. She is not in danger of losing her job or pension and she has no fear of her business closing. She should stick to medicine and stay away from ill-advised clichés.

Meanwhile, the debate rages on and will continue so until the medical community gets off its ass and agrees.

In the meantime, consider this. If you do not agree COVID is serious, do you really want to take the chance?

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